II. Flashback

The car ride home was quiet, but enjoyable. The light clouds stopped the sun from shinning into my eyes. My mother, or ‘Joni’ as I tended to call her, sat in the back so I could ride shotgun. Summer had just settled in, green trees and grass. No longer the bleak whites and grays of Winter. I watched my dad concentrate deeply on the road, even though the streets were quiet. I watched the street signs pass placidly.

“Aren’t you guys taking me back to my apartment?” I ask, after we’re several blocks past my street.

The car remains silent, just filled with the hum of the radio and the lull of the motor. Joni fidgets uneasily with her seatbelt in the back. My father was never much of a talker.

“Well, you were gone for five days. The shop figured  you had lost interest in your job and quit. Your landlords thought you didn’t intend on paying rent. You picked an ideal time to disappear.” She sighed, trying to smile as much as she could.

“Are you kidding me? Why didn’t you tell them what happened? Why wouldn’t you explain this to everyone so I could at least keep my independence once I was out of the hospital?”

“We want you to come back home, take it easy this summer… we worry about you living on your own now.” Say Joni, watching the houses pass, not staring at me.

“I made one mistake! One stupid mistake. What would you expect from me? At least I’m alive and at least there’s been no real consequences…”

I stop as my eyes water and begin to cloud over. I see somebody familiar, it’s night. We’re standing downtown on a street of mainly mechanical shops. Something’s under his arm and he’s running down the side walk. Then from seemingly no where a car speeds out of no where and strikes him.


“I just saw someone I know get hit by a car…”

“Who, where?” Asks my mother frantically looking around at the cars and people along the streets. She gives me a puzzled look and leans forward, “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, nothing. I can’t wait to get home and rest a bit.” I say as a bad cover up, I rest my head on the window the rest of the drive home.

The End

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