Gone Forward

I. Awake

I woke up hazy minded. No recollection of where I was or how’d I’d gotten there. Immediately into focus I see my mother frantic and teary eyed.

“He’s awake!” she exclaimed tearfully, then leaning over me asked anxiously, “Do you know where you are? What’s your name?”

“…Devin…” I managed to sputter out after finding my voice. How long had it been since I had last spoken?

She smiled at me and was going to speak again, but the doctor interrupted, walking in and checking my charts. He stared at my parents and opened his eyes wide at me as if subtly saying, “welcome back.”

“Quite the trip?” He asks, he speaks through his nose and stops to clear his throat.

I straighten myself in the hospital bed, slowly becoming aware of my surroundings. I study the monitors surrounding me and the tubes keeping my hydrated. I look at my parents, then the doctor, “Pardon?”

“Well I don’t even know where to begin with the drug cocktail we found in your body, I’m surprised you’ve woken up at all, to be quite honest.”

“It was a one time thing.” I say in an assuring tone.

“Still has his attitude.” Pipes in my father.

I shake my head, “What happened, anyway?” The lighting is killing my eyes and my head is full of noise.

“We found you… out in a field, in your car. The battery dead.” My mother says, she’s upset.

“Well…” I begin.

“Your were gone for five days, Devin! You’re lucky you’re not dead.” She interrupts, my father rests a reassuring hand on her shoulder and holds her back from nearly striking me.

This was too much to wake up to. I had no idea what happened while I was gone, just that I was gone for five days. I grew frustrated trying to make any sense of it at all.

“When can I go home?”

“I want to monitor you for a while before we release you, but so far things are looking back to normal. At least physically speaking.” The doctor says, eyeing me up and down. I must have really looked like a mess.

“There was something important I was supposed to remember…” I blurt out, I’m sitting straight up in bed at this point, I feel myself slipping into a cold sweat.

“What do you mean?” Asks my mother.

Confusion strikes me, “I’m not quite sure.” I lay back down and fall asleep.

The End

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