Chapter 1.

Rain is pouring down in the night. Everyone's inside. Everyone
but one man. The man is drenched in a long raincoat, his hair
soaking but he doesn't shiver.

He has a wild look in his eyes as he runs towards the river.
Something is under his coat, moving, breathing. The man puts up
some kind of struggle with whatever he's got, as he gets nearer
to the river.

His eyes are blood red, his skin a pale yellow.

Pain travels through his body as he gets closer to the river.

He throws something and there's a big splash. He turns away
with a tired smile.

"Gone. It's...gone." The words come out of his mouth in a
whisper as he falls to the soaking floor. The rain picks up,
drenching the body even more and making the curret of the river
become more wild.

The thing the man threw in the river is in a chest, floating
ontop of the rivers surface, and getting thrashed around by the
terrible waves of the little river. It starts to travel down
stream. Gone. Gone far away from the little village.

The End

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