Gone - 1

I put my hands to my head, in deep concentration. David could do it well, but I..let's say was far far behind him.

David?? Can you hear me?

Yes! Yes! Posy, you're finally getting it! David replied and I could hear him down the block celebrating. Why not? I pumped my fist in the air, glad for my victory.

The smell of roasted chicken drifted in through my door. I pounced up, it smelled so good. I ran down the stairs.

I gotta go, see you later.

Okay, Pose. Bye.


"Okay, so I was getting into my car and-"

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Sorry Austin, I have to text David back." He spit out his tongue.

Hey Posy.

I won't be at school.

But I'll still talk to you.

David :)

I giggled, he was so cute.

"What's so funny?" Austin asked, a stern look on his scrawny face.

"Oh, nothing. David's not going to be at school."

"Too bad, why?" I could see past his concern, he was really glad David was not going to be here. He hated David. No, he envied him. Ever since me and David got mushy, he started getting bratty. That was the thing about David. You do one thing and it pisses him off.

"Gawd, Austin." I grinned at my humor.

"Well, I have to get to class. Bye." I sprinted off. Just as the bell rung. Good, I'd be on time.

The End

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