shut up! i'm busy. a phrase i used too much on many ocassions.



the house is burning. the last words i heard from her. the last facial exspression i saw on her perfect little face, horror.

her big grey eyes, filled with pain. pain a four year should never have to go through.

out. first thing i did was get her out of there. next thing she was gone. insted of hearing her beautiful giggle i heard a horrific scream.

a scream that shouldn't come out of something that pure. so small.

and four years on all i can do is sit here. in regret. regret of not spending everyday i could've of making her happy.

it's true you don't know what you've lost till it's gone. she's gone.

her perfect face is a blur. her joyus giggle a memory. and all those times i took for granted a deep wound in my heart.

i'm sorry.

The End

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