This is another quite dark story about abduction, oh and I think that although I am no weirdo...yet :)

I woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth. The cell was small, just my size. I have been here for a couple of months now, too long. Rescue could be near, far or even not there. I looked up, darkness. As always there was only one single patch of light, and even this source was too dim to describe the cell, I put it down as dark, wet and small. Whoever they were, they did not beat me, I think I beat myself.

The only thing I knew was that I somehow had banged my head yesterday and it had bled a lot. I always bang my head, the only way to sleep in here. The small wooden flap opens: food, water and a small patch of light. The food was dry and old, some random dry piece of bacon and some, well I don’t really know, it was food, I did not care. The water is clean but warm, I don’t care either. After I gobbled down the few scarce pieces of food I fall into memories, old memories.


Me and Jess, joking about in the High Street. Kevin coming to join us, cinema, kiss... It was so wonderful! Do they remember me? Is he going out with another girl, maybe Kim? She always liked him. Well, I bet they forgot me, I am gone.


These pretty memories come and go again, like the food and drink. I love these moments, I remember how it was and how it should be. Not like now, when everything is just messed up. What is everything? Was it all a dream? Have I always been here and just made it all up? No, it can’t be I still feel Kevin’s hands in mine and Jess whispering secrets into my ear. I wonder if anything is real, I am probably just a dream myself, maybe I am not, maybe I am gone or I never was here or there.


Light everywhere, light, blind, sound and voices. I hear a particular voice: Kevin! He says: “I have got you do not worry, you are not gone!” My last thought before I go away, home is: “I was not gone, I was here all along, or not?”

The End

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