Elvie leaned forward to study her face in the mirror. She frowned, unsure of what she was looking for. Her face was slim, unblemished and set around two strikingly blue eyes. She was excited. The partywas tonight, and he knew now. Elvie . . . Elvie we are here . . . Her eyes widened in the mirror. Elvie shook the voices from her head and stared back into her wide, blue eyes. She had heard them, there inside her head, ever since she had been adopted. Her foster parents had adopted her eight months ago.  She didn't remember anything beyond thoose first few months in the home, she had woken up in an alley one day and been diagnosed with concussion and severe head injuries. It had been on the news and everything. Along with the new found parents had come the voices, calling to her at iregular intervals, calling her name . . . She shook the thought rom her mind and left the room.

"ready?" asked her Dad.

She nodded and smiled, feeling the excitement creep back into her veins like warmth.

The End

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