Golden Times

the earth has been invaded by a species more powerful than our own. A human boy, David, tries to kill a high-ranking invader but ends up captured himself. as the story goes on the two species learn from eachother and eventually the world is returned to peace.

David woke with the remains of rotten nightmares under his lids. He rubbed them from his eyes and forced a deep breath. He would have to kill her today. Not that he would do it himself, but it was close enough. Perhaps there was some way that he could still escape, and simply slip back into sleep and dream the day away. There was no way out. His father worked for a government agency, for which he investigated the invasion of Earth. David himself, by relation, was part of the junior branch in training and now he had to prove his commitment by killing her.

He glanced at his bed side clock. Less than half an hour and she would arrive. He dressed and waited. Twenty minutes to go. A sharp knock and Marshall, another son of another investigator was here. Marshall was a large boy with thick arms and  closely cropped hair, his face bore the scars of various fights and his small, deep set eyes seemed to have resided into his head, in an attempt to protect themselves from being gouged out in the conflicts. This was the boy, it seemed, here to help him kill her.

The End

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