I paid her three dollars and twenty-one cents. I even dug around for the dimes and penny just to avoid paying a quarter. I might need that quarter for one phonecall. How much were phonecalls now? Was there even a public phone anymore?

I hopped on a bus that was blue. It wasn't red, but it wasn't yellow either. I sat in the third row, left hand side of the bus.

I learned to not face the driver, because they get upset when you mimic their movements. 
The passengers never seemed to care.
Just the drivers, the blue ones.

Fifty-six red cars drove by while we made our way out of the town. Four lights had been yellow.

What was it at Carbide County? Dietz Lake. An answer was there for me. To help me find out the other parts of me: my two parents, three sisters, four cats and goldfish.

Fish. He was an angler, vacationed this time of year. I knew it, but I didn't know why. A light rain picked up and I counted them as they fell against the bus. One, two, three...

The End

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