Secrets and Lies

While Cynder was away in the afterplane Gray had begun to ask alot of questions. He had turned to Mune.

"How do you summon things Mune?" Gray asked.
Mune shook her mane, "It is a secret passed through my family for generations. I could not tell you Gray."
Gray shifted uneasily. "And you, Mexii how do you, do all that shadow stuff, I mean.. Is there anything that can not be destroyed by it?"
Mexii shook her head. "I do not know. Sorry."

By this time all four of them had become uneasy. When Gray pulled a knife out of, seemingly thin air. Mune backed away. "What is this?" Juliexus cried, pulling out her bow and arrow. Gray laughed shaking his head.

"You thought, I was your friend? You have a high bounty on your head from the cresent clan."
Mune looked at him. "You are lying! Your lying!"
But Gray laughed again. "Well you have murder, kidnapping and fraternising with the enemy." He flicked back a lock of his hair. "Which adds up to a very juicy bounty."
The trinity had wondered what he was going to do, when they saw the Behemoth crouch forward.
"You are outnumbered Gray." Mexii pointed out. The Behemoth moved ever closer.
"No matter." Gray laughed pulling a potion out of his pocket. Moving even closer.
"Whats that?" Juliexus inquired. But Gray didn't have a chance to answer, In one gulp the massive Behemoth swollowed him whole. Making the purple potion drop to the floor, and begin sizzling. Mune sniffed up. 
"Paralyze potion." Mune shook her head. "I never would have thought, that Gray.. He was so kind." Mune sniffled.
Juliexus placed an arm around her shoulder. "You are too trusting sister."
Mexii was taken aback. "You two are sisters?" 
Mune nodded. "Yes, we are. Well, not officially. I mean..." She took a deep breath. "Juliexus was born by my father, but not my mother. Then when it was found that I had summoning blood Juliexus was abandoned, but she was adopted by another family within the clan."
Juliexus smiled. "But if we have a bounty on our heads, that means other creatures will be after us." Juliexus face truned grim. "I hope Cynder hurries up." But all when silent when the Behemoth coughed up Gray's knife. 

The End

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