Ardus' Allegiance

The Trinity was now made up of six warriors: Mexii, Mune and Juliexus - the original Trinity - and their companions Cynder, God of Fire, Gray, a forest elf, and Cynder's behemoth.

As unlikely a team as they were, the six remained confident that no matter how stacked against them the odds were, they would be successful.

All that remained was to claim the Thunder element from Ardus, God of Thunder. This meant venturing over the mountain range that surrounded the Lake of Storms, the place where the element was, a place which was only ever visited if one had a death wish.

Cynder remained confident that he would be able to contact Ardus, warn him of Herothi's approach, and hopefully convince him to join forces with the Trinity.

Upon their arrival at the great mountain range, the six adventurers halted, gazing up to the highest peaks which were obscured by cloud.

Lightning lit up the sky every few seconds, and it was impossible to hear oneself think above the near-constant thunder that echoed through the mountains.

The sun was rising from the west, adding an orange glow to the desolate land that lay behind them, but the path before them lay in darkness, except for the constant flash of lightning.

'I must converse with Ardus, God of Thunder. If I can warn him before Herothi reaches him, he should protect the element from him and deliver it to us when the time is right,' Cynder explained.

The others remained silent, sure that Cynder's plan was the right one.

'I must leave you for now, to enter his realm and speak with him in person.'

'Why can you not just use your behemoth to transport us to the Lake of Storms, like you just did?' Gray asked. He seemed to be growing more interested in the task at hand, and was therefore involving himself in discussions more and more. This gave the others newfound confidence and made them ever more eager to finish this here and now.

'The mountain range is dangerous,' said Cynder. 'The peaks are too high to travel above, and if we dared to try, it would probably take just as long as traversing the mountains on foot, and would probably be more dangerous. It is not a risk I wish for us to take.'

The Trinity nodded in understanding.

Mune asked the question she had been meaning to since Cynder revealed his intentions. 'Do you wish for me to summon a gate to Ardus' realm?'

'That's what I wished to ask you, yes. Use the same incantation as you did when summoning me, and instead of summoning a being, allow the doorway to be travelled through.'

Mune quickly repeated her words of only a few hours ago, and quickly summoned a doorway for Cynder. Leaving his behemoth in their care, Cynder travelled through the doorway, in the hope of warning Ardus, and gaining his allegiance.

The End

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