Something Wicked This Way Comes...

A sobbing could be heard, on a distant frosty wind. Cynder whispered,(through mexii of course.) "Kilma, listen she lives, as a distant being, but she is crying. Weak, no wonder she was taken over so quickly. Give it your best shot!"
"Oh,don't worry. I will." Herothi sniggered. But Herothi was unaware how weak he was, after such a battle with a God his powers were weakening every moment.
"Look! He's melting." Mune laughed. "Kilma must have weakened him!"
"You may have escaped this battle and kept your lives, however next time. You shall not be so lucky!" Herothi cackled, disappearing, leaving only a pool of water upon the floor and a small circle of smoke.
Gray shifted his feet uncomfortably. Juliexus tilted her head. "What is the matter?"
"Oh, it is nothing. Nerves, i have never seen him face to face before. That is all." A nervous tone was evident in his voice. "But look, the swirl, it is. Growing." Gray whimpered, although was glad the attention was off himself.

Indeed, he was right. The shadow was growing. The swirl of black cloud developed into a gurgling, growling monster, red eyes appeared upon its large head. A pair of pointed ears twitched with every bellowing of steam from the volcano. The monster pulled back its lips to reveal hundreds of white teeth. The smoke still continued to create the Behemoth.Four gigantic paws thudded upon the ground, mirrored only by the swishing of its tail. Its tail was thin, apart from the large spike upon the end. Then, and only then when all the parts had been assmebled did the smoke disappear. Revealing the creature in colour. It was a dark purple, an evil essence seemed to linger around it as it snarled and barked. Snapping its great jaw together.

 Mune stepped back. "Oh my." She muttered. Looking upon the great creature with awe, and also terror. When something had caught her eye.

A reddy-brown stone, carved by the fire into the shape of a heart. It was only small and was embedded into the 35 foot statue of Cynder. It was a proud statue. His hands were placed firmly on his swords which was fastened to his side in its sheath.

But one problem stood in their way. A rather large problem at that. 

The End

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