Black Ice

Dark clouds bristled behind the omen of death as he rapidly approached the ice caves at the center of the ice plains. Herothi looked like a  black ghost, blown in the wind yet everyone knew that his intentions were far fouler than anything a ghost could possibly muster. He tunneled through the air seamlessly ripping across the northern world. 

Snow began to fall. Flecks of the ice petals settling on Herothi's undeterminable face.

The dark mist that formed Herothi's entity exploded harder through the fresh brittle air that appeared to almost form into ice it's self. Plunging further and further into the ice plains until he could sense the Goddess. As her cold energy seemed to pinprick at his veins, he arrived at the entrance to a bizarre looking cave, resting in a frozen mountain. 

The cave mouth was formed like a dragon's mouth, the teeth wicked and long pierced downwards making entry hazardous. Herothi paid no mind to them and simply smashed through the long spindles of ice that had previously formed the teeth. He plunged deep into the cave, noticing that the place was like a temple, the walls were not cave like but smooth and flat like a man made building. 

As he delved further into the tunnels and twists and turns of the temple, he was glad to see that the light couldn't penetrate such large amounts of ice and where he travelled to was slowly being engulfed in darkness, allowing him more strength, stealth and speed.

"Kilma..." His rotting voice whispered, echoing like a mass of ethereal presence in the walls of the ice temple. It slithered slowly and steadily though the halls, rapidly growing louder and louder until it was a frenzy of noise, it would have driven any normal person insane. 

Must be a system of prevention Herothi considered with a sneer. 

Then it stopped and Herothi could sense the reason and location of the reason why it had stopped. In a matter of moments, Herothi's darkness soaked the walls, cruising through the ice tunnels to his destination in a ill lit dome of a room, where at the very end stood a large, 30 foot statue of the ice goddess, Kilma. 

"You're mine... Ice child." Herothi flooded the room with darkness...


The End

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