The Fiery Possession

'He has already claimed the element of Earth, and now he means to collect the Ice element. You will undoubtably be somewhere on his list. You must help us to defeat him. He will no doubt have called upon the other Gods, Kilma and Imasa, and he has no doubt bent them to his will,' Mexii explained.

Out of the Trinity and Gray, Mexii was the only one who seemed minimally intimidated by the roaring power of the mighty God.

'I will help you, if it is required. I have never had a chance such as this to protect my fellow Gods, and the varying races I govern over. War will come to Herothi, and we will bring it swiftly. He will be powerless. He will fall for manipulating my brothers and sisters!'

The Trinity smiled as these words were spoken. Finally, an ally with such power that nothing could stop them from reclaiming the world.

'We must get the Fire element - the stone from the centre of the volcano. I will guide you there. Summon me as you need me, and I shall make myself available.'

Mune spoke. 'I'm afraid that will not be possible. It has cost me dearly to summon you, O Great One. I will not be able to do so again, not until many days from now - by which time we will have arrived at the volcano, and we may have to face Herothi alone.'

A frown appeared on the God's face. He asked one question:

'Which of you is the strongest? Which of you holds the strongest mind, will and body?'

The trinity looked at one another.

'I do, Cynder.' It was Mexii.

Juliexus was outraged. 'No! You cannot hurt her! She's been through enough already. Take me as a sacrifice. I am worthy.'

'I do not wish to harm anybody, but it is something that will happen providing you are not strong enough.'

'What do you mean to do?' Mexii asked.

'Your friend is incapable of summoning me again, and I understand it would be difficult. But if I am to harness my power, I am able to sustain my existence on this Earth for several days, maybe even weeks. As we get closer and closer to the volcano, I shall become stronger, and will be able to sustain myself for longer. All I need is a host.' As Cynder spoke, the Trinity frowned. Except Mexii. She was willing to do whatever it took.

'I assure you,' Cynder continued, 'that you will be able to retain yourself. You will hear my words, and you will heva to repeat them to the Trinity. If you are willing, I can join with you now.'

Mexii smiled. Another reason she was on this planet had presented itself to her.

With a grin on her face, she felt Cynder's essence enter her mind.

'Now we are one.'

The End

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