A Burning Will

'He was headed North. To the ice plains. He means to collect the ice element first.' Gray talked through most of the night, about his past, the forest, but mostly about Herothi. How to defeat him was clearly the Forest Elf's main priority.

'Then we should avoid him,' Mune said. 'The likelihood is that he has already claimed it. He can move faster now that he has shed physical form, and because of that, he will be even harder to defeat.'

Juliexus picked up on what she meant. 'But if we can beat him to the other two elements, it means only one confrontation, which will result in either us claiming the ice element, or him claiming the three elements that we will hopefully possess.'

'Correct,' Gray said. 'My personal opinion is that the Cynder Mountain would be our best option to begin with. It's the closest, and it's also the easiest to access.'

Mune quickly ran through the different elemental locations in her mind: Earth was the forest, Fire was the volcano, Thunder was the waterfall and mountain range, Ice was the Arctic Plains. Gray was probably right. She voiced her opinions.

'Gray is right. There's no way we can beat Herothi to the Ice Plains, even if he's not there already. The mountains are too far away to begin with, and so there's no point heading off in either of those directions when we have the volcano to the west, within our reach.'

Mexii spoke for the first time in over an hour. 'We have the ice to the North. Fire to the West, Thunder to the East, and we're sat here in the south just talking about doing something?' Juliexus smiled, knowing where Mexii was going. 'Let's go. Let's beat Herothi back into the Underworld.'

The four cheered as they sat out in front of Tafta Tower - the original setting for the completion of their quest. Most adventurers would be frustrated, maybe even give up, if they got this far to find it was futile. But the Trinity were strong, and with Gray accompanying them - as he insisted - they could not lose.

They would not lose.

The End

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