The Silver Lining

Once Herod had been layed to rest, Juliexus, Mune and Mexi began to ascend the stairs. When they got to the room they turned it upside down looking for the 'picture fair and gallant.' When they heard a moan.

Then there,on a wall covered in darkness a shining peach figure was chained to the wall. He had pointed ears and dazzling emerald eyes. But these were covered by his greasy mint green hair. His eyes held such beauty,but they had been worn with time, hunger and had lost all hope. "Try, try the picture your mother showed you." The man struggled to speak. Mexi lost no time in ripping the frame off the painting. 'Those were the days, A time gallant and fair.' Suddenly it clicked, both her mother and father were trying to tell her.

Mune however rushed over to the man and cut his chains with her horn, catching him in her arms. "You are a forest elf, arn't you? Protector of the Dryads." He nodded. "Yes.. I am, well i was. Most of my species are extinct, all of my clan are at least. These used to be our lands, do you remember?"  She nodded. "Indeed I do. This was the heart of the forest." They both stopped, remembering the old forest. "My name, is Graythus. Just call me Gray." He smiled, bowing. "Mune, of the cresent clan."  

Upon the back of the picture were four names. Imasa,The Goddess of Earth. Cynder, God of Fire. Ardus, God of Thunder and Kilma, Goddess of Ice. The four Gods that made the world, then under that was a sentence written in ink. "If you hope to beat the Shadow King you must travel to the heart of the four. There you shall find a totem, embodying each God or Goddess. Then the Golden dream shall be achieved." Mexi understood, this was not a riddle it was plain to see. They must journey to the four hearts of Karmine, but the world was already growing weak as one had already been destoryed.

Juliexus looked at Mexi. "Where are we going to get the heart of Earth? The forest has already been destroyed." Juliexus looked at Gray. "Do you know anything?" Gray nodded, then pulled out of his scraggy robe a golden leaf. "This is the last leaf from the tree of life that used to stand where the cacti is, before it got corrupted. Here. I believe it to be the Totem you may seek." Mune held it, it seemed to glow quite beautifully.

Mexi looked. "One down, three to go. Now, we shouldn't tell the army. They would only slow us down."

It had seemed the trinity had found the silver lining to the ever darkening cloud, but where will their journey lead them? After all Herothi was moving to the next heart already. 

The End

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