The End of a Battle, Beginning of a War.

The centaurs reached the tower, looking up, upon one of the towers many balconies they saw a giant creature. The creature seemed to glow red with anger, spirits of the dead clung to him like their long lost memories.

Herothi laughed, looking out over the plains. Then he jumped, from the balcony,hurtling towards the floor. He drew his blade. Hitting the floor, he stood, proud of his darkness. Mune stepped forwards. "You Heathen! You destroy our homes and that of other creatures I hope you do not expect us to back down so easily!"

Herothi shook his head. "Of course not, but you must understand you are too late." Herothi laughed,as the centaurs took a step back. "What?" They seemed to mutter, "How?" Shocked mumblings came from the centaur crowd. "Silence!" Juliexus screamed. "You fools, do not be taken in by these..these lies!" She shook her shining mane and pointed her sword at Herothi. "Charge!" She cried, but she knew, that she would be leading them to their death. But since Mexi had left the trinity this was all they could do.

The hooves of many centaur struck up the sand, the sound of clashing swords against his armour accompanied the sound of their hooves. Creating a symphony of destruction and chaos as Herothi swung his sword, knocking the centaurs away like flies.

Then a door swung open, although nobody heard this, they could not miss the dark shadow slowly passing over the land, creating a chill in the air. Mexorii appeared, a tear passed down her cheek as she walked forward. Apparently oblivious to the fighting that had halted.

"Father." She spoke cooly. "You must stop this." A plea had began to appear in her voice. "You weren't alway like this. I know this isn't you." Herothi turned, knocking a centaur of his feet as he did. "You know nothing, little girl. You don't even know who your father is." Mexi was taken aback. "Are you not my father?" She questioned. Power arising in her voice, and heart. "No i'm not. Your father died long ago. My name is Herothi, the dark one. I am not a human." He laughed. "I am a God." He shook his head. "No. I am The God."

Mexi looked at him, anger burning in her eyes. "You killed him, didn't you. You killed my father and took his body... His soul." he looked at her. "Yes, it should be an honour. You are the daughter of the first person killed by my hands." Mexi drew a dagger and ran towards him, not noticing that he was slowly shrinking. "You..You Monster!" By now he had already shrunk to her size. She plunged the dagger. Straight through his heart.

Herothi looked up, placed a hand on mexi's cheek. "I am sorry Darling, i never should have been so weak." The centaurs gathered round, plunging their swords into the ground, bowing with respect for the fallen king. "Father, is that you. Truly this time?" Herod nodded. "In the highest room, you shall find, the answer to all despair. In the picture of a time, a time so gallant and fair."

Mexi tilted her head. "What?" She murmered, but he had already turned cold and as she held his body to hers, just as Mune had done she cried.

But Herothi laughed, The dark shadow, the spirit that had possessed King Herod floated away, into the horizon, only leaving his laugh behind.  

The End

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