Herothi's Shadows

During the encounter between mother and shadow, Herothi lurked, deep underground beneath the winding staircases and assorted rooms. Herothi sat deep in thought, wondering just how that little menace of a shadow had resisted him. Resisted the soothing fingers of darkness as they invaded her mind, the very same ones that had captured every other shadow's mind.

A faint memory floated to the surface of his consciousness. One from a very long time ago. He was with his wife, up on the rooftop of the castle, looking out at the horizon and watching the sun light up the kingdom as it set behind the mountains. That was back when he was King Herod, back before he... No! Herothi waved away the distant memory as if it were a cloud of smoke.

Above he could hear the screeching and shrieking of the shadows creeping about in the hallway above his lair. He had to defeat his daughter, capture her mind, before she caused further mischief. "But how?" he asked himself, " How can I over come something with such a strong purpose in life? She knows what she is meant to do which makes the situation more complicated. What with the centaur army and the other two from the Trinity."

Then it came to him. He would use his shadow children, like always, but this time he would try a different approach. Herothi gracefully climbed the stairs into the hallway above. The screeching came to a halt and the shadows lined up in neat formation awaiting orders from their master. " I have a very important purpose for you my children." Herothi grinned evilly as he spoke. " Yes father.' replied the shadows in unison. Herothi reached out his left hand, palms facing the shadows, and began to drink in their essence. Draining them of the darkness that gives them life, until they were no more.

He continued on his way around the castle draining each shadow he came upon of the darkness within them. He began to glow with a dim red light, gaining power by the minute. By the time he had drained every shadow in the castle, he was filled with a dark, blood red aura that seemed to overflow through his eyes which were brimming with malice.

He was ready.

The End

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