The Heart of a Centaur

Mune sighed and looked up at the tower cacti. Why did she have to be so hard headed? She looked to Juliexus then to the cacti.

"I have never done this before, Father said it was very tough magic." Mune said, her voice low. Juliexus looked at her in puzzlement. "Hmm?" Juliexus tilted her head, puzzled. Mune just laughed. "The heart of the centaur silly." Mune smiled, her voice quivered as she said it.

Juliexus was taken aback, had mune really mastered this? Could she... no, its just a myth. Juliexus thought, pondering wether this could be real. Mune closed her eyes.

Mune's silver mane blew in the wind, when her eyes opened they were an emerald green,her pupils dilated. She murmered a calling under her breath, "Please, I, the child of Aron, from the cresent clan call all my brothers and sisters of nature. Help us." At first nothing happened, she was not going to give up, but this had dashed her hopes. "Please. Help us." She shouted. Then,  all around a cacophony of voices echoed, their song was enchanting. Mune's voice cut through these as she placed her hands infront of her,her eyes focusing on the intertwined thorns."All of nature, hold your sway. Instead move to this, something unnatural calls. Its beckoning must be halted, its existence must be... Destroyed."  The wind gathered, blowing leaves from far-away trees towards the cacti, cutting its thorns. Green light radiated from Mune, she moved her head in a circle causing a wave of leaves and twigs to protrude from her horn. The wave cut through the main cacti body. 

Juliexus stepped back, in awe mostly but something triggered a fear in her. What she saw looked dangerous but oddly beautiful.

Mune's legs buckled. She fell to the floor. Breathing heavily, Juliexus ran to her side, so did the other centaur. "Mune, are you okay?" Juliexus said, frantically searching for any wounds. Mune looked at Juliexus, placing a hand on her shoulder to lift herself up. "I am fine, i am sure. But i don't think that will destroy it, we must move quickly." Juliexus nodded, "But first, what was that?" The centaur guard demanded. Mune looked at him, then shook her head.

"That, my friend was the Centaurs heart. A powerful spell handed down from the beginning of time through our race. As we are one of the children of the nature God Imasa. Along with the Dryads and Satyrs." Mune looked at him, "I thought you would know, but still we must press on." The centaur guard snorted.

Mune sighed a long sigh and broke into a fast trot, but not quite a canter. Her legs still felt weak. But she persisted. For Mexorii.    

The End

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