A Trinity Reformed

After the mysterious Harpy had delivered its message, Juliexus and Mune were impatient to leave, and head towards Tafta Tower, in an attempt to save Mexii.

'No, we cannot take a direct route. We will have to go around. There is a field of cacti - as black as night, and as poisonous as Herothi himself. It surrounds the tower, ensuring nobody gets in easily,' explained one of the centaurs.

Mune spoke up, 'I don't care. Every minute we waste is another chance that Herothi gets to destroy Karmine! I'm not going to let that happen. We all need to take risks if we are to succeed here!'

'I understand, little one, but it is a futility. The poison has no known cure, and we have never come across anybody to survive it. I... I've seen what it does to people.' The centaur looked down as he relived the memory. Just thinking about it put him in agonizing pain. 'I shall not accompany you to certain death.'

There was a silence as Juliexus and Mune racked their brains in an attempt to think of another plan.

Suddenly, another centaur spoke up. 'I will accompany you. If you want to go that way, I will help you.'

'Graseus, no. I will not allow it,' insisted the head centaur.

'You said that we were willing to die for this cause,' Graseus argued.

'But not needlessly, you fool!'

Everybody went silent again, shocked by the leader's sudden outburst. He spoke again, but this time, his voice made him seem like he had given up all hope.

'If it is the wish of the Trinity, then let it be so. The remaining eleven of us will circle around the back. If you make it through the cacti, then we will not arrive at the tower until several hours after you. But we will make haste, and assist you when the time is right.'

At a signal from the leader, the eleven remaining centaurs broke from the party, and sped off into the distance to the east, in order to circle round to Tafta Tower.

The three, Juliexus, Mune, and Graseus, looked off, until Graseus urged them onwards, and they began to move towards the cacti.

The End

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