A Strange Message

A strange shadow appeared, soaring through the sky before slowly lowering itself infront of the centaurs which stopped abruptly.

The shadow was infact a harpy. Its blood red wings, in place of arms, seemed dull and her white skin, which was flecked with red feathers made her stand out in the dark. It shrieked an awful laugh as it looked at the pitiful centaurs. "Speak your business messanger!" Mune snorted.

"Pitiful centaurs, silly centaurs." It laughed, for a messenger its speech was not all that evolved. But its high-pitched tone of voice echoed throgh your head like nails on a chalkboard.

Mune shook her mane with impatience. She never thought much of the Harpies, lowly creatures born to serve, to follow orders. They only live for a few years before they die. So evolution seemed to have forgotten them. 

"Centaurs, think they found saviour." It smiled an evil smile their teeth with white, like pearls but seemed so much deadlier, "silly centaurs, foolish centaurs." It began its horrid cackling before lifting its head to the sky and beating its wings. They sounded like drums of war against the almost peaceful night air. But Juliexus drew her bow. Loaded her arrow. Then shot at the dark, it was so quiet you could almost hear it cutting through the night air.The next thing that could be heard was a bone-chilling scream as the Harpy plummeted like a comet. The centaurs rushed with beating hooves towards the fallen figure. Juliexus placed a hoof upon its chest.

"What do you know? Tell me lowly fiend,what do you know!" Juliexus roared.

"You want to know! Stupid centaurs, foolish centaurs" Its voice faded, carried by the wind like a poison dart. Then burst into flames leaving a stench of brimstone in its wake.

Juliexus stamped her hooves where the Harpy once lay. Mune placed a haand n her shoulder. "Quick, we must go." Mune looked ahead.

"Mexorii, she may be in danger."

The End

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