Nebulous Opiate

The world appeared to roll on forever, the dark clouds forever hovering at distance around the centaur's camp, far behind Mexorii and her thoughts. Around her, the earth she crossed was parched, and for the most part little vegetation grew. Mexii had noticed however that has her journey went on, little black cacti were appearing, protruding oddly from the dry cracked ground.

Thoughts drifted through Mexii's mind... What if he isn't my father afterall? Then where will my loyalties lie? Mexorii was ill used to loyalty, she had never had to show anyone any amount of loyalty or respect, her life was a continual quest for friends that she wouldn't know how to treat when she had found them. 

Mexorii thought back to the day when she first awoke, beaten, ashamed, but ashamed of what? She remembered the feeling of shame well, yet she had nothing that she knew of to be ashamed of. Something must have happened, she must have done something that she couldn't remember. 

As she strolled on further towards the wall of dark clouds ahead of her, behind which she hoped to find the Tafta Tower, the black cacti appeared to grow in size, massive cacti with huge menacing spikes stood ahead of her. The spikes threaded between one another, creating cages and barbed frames and a maze of tangled spines. Mexii stopped to look at them. 

"Oh, well that's different." she mumbled to herself, trying to duck and weave carefully between all the sharp protrusions. 

Making pretty good progress through the dark Cacti patch, that appeared to go on for miles in all directions, Mexii begun to speed up, feeling confident now in her ability to get past the spikes without injury. However her overconfidence soon bested her as she nimbly leapt through a tight hole and found herself jabbed a the waist line by one of the dark cacti.

"Ow" she peered down to see the damage, only to be horrified to see white pus seeping from a swollen wound. "Oh... that can't be good." She muttered softly as she passed out. 

The End

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