Missing Mexii

The next day the traveling group awoke to a sun peeking out from behind a mountain range in the distance. They began to pack up their belongings in order to continue their journey.

"Wait a minute," June said," Where's Mexii?" By then everyone in camp had stopped what they were doing looking around dumbfoundedly.

"Alright, has anyone seen Mexii at all this morning?" asked Juliexus.

" Actually, I saw her late last night." replied a brown centaur. " I was having a hard time falling asleep, and I saw her get up and walk into the bushes. I just assumed nature was calling and she had to take a restroom break."

"And you didn't see her come back?" asked Mune.

"No, I didn't, but I fell asleep soon after so I could have missed her." he answered. Just then it dawned on Mune. "Tafta Tower!" she exclaimed. "She's going to Tafta Tower! I thought she was acting a little funny last night after she found out that Herothi was her father."

"Well then we've got to stop her!" replied Juliexus. "There she is!"

The group made out a tiny black figure heading in the direction of the Tower.

"What if she doesn't want to help us?" asked Mune. " What if she wants to join league with her father?"

"We have to try." Juliexus replied, "Its the only thing we can do."

The End

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