Family Tree

'Why would he create something that had the power to destroy him?' Mexii questioned, referring to Herothi.

'Maybe he didn't realise. Maybe he was unaware of the Prophecy. Of the Trinity,' suggested Juliexus.

It was three nights later, and Mexii had not stopped thinking about the piece of information she had been told by... Her father.

It seemed plausible to Mexii that Herothi maybe had been unaware of the Prophecy and the necessity of a Shadow to be a part of the Trinity, but she didn't want to dwell on the idea too much. The Dark Lord was her father? Surely she owed him her allegiance...

No! Stop thinking like that, she told herself. She couldn't afford to turn her back on the Trinity, not now. But these thoughts kept resurfacing. Every night, Mexii had gone over in her head what would happen if she had gone to be with her father. Maybe this was what he wanted. Maybe this was what was best... But she had never been sure, and she doubted her courage. She couldn't leave now. She had more pride than to betray people who had been kind to her.

...But had they been? They had only broken her out of jail to use her. And they often ignored her. She was different, and they knew that. It was hard for her to fit in.

Despite these things, however, Mexii knew that it wouldn't be right to abandon ship right in the middle of this important task.

But that night, as the team lay resting by the burning fire, all slept, except one. Mexii found it hard to stop thinking. About her mysterious past, about the words of her... Of her father. About her future, once the task was done.

She had been shunned by everybody up until now, would they really believe that a Shadow could have anything to do with saving Karmine? ...Mexii remained doubtful.

She thought over the events of the previous few days. Her escape, the meeting with the other centaur warriors... It all seemed so much. And she was such an important part of all this, and yet nobody paid any attention to her. Nobody tried to understand her. She had never felt so alone. To be teased like that, for life to hand her friends, but then to snatch them away like that... There could truly be no justice. She didn't think it was fair to be forced to help save a world that she owed nothing to.

Maybe... Maybe with other Shadows Mexii could feel at ease. Maybe she would be understood by others of her kind. She smiled as she thought of the warm welcome she would likely recieve at Tafta Tower. From her brothers, from her sisters... From her father Herothi would take her in with open arms, surely. Why else would he have told her the truth about her origin? Tafta Tower was where she was supposed to be. There she would be welcome. There she would belong.

She got to her feet, and looking around to check that no others were awake, she began to walk alone, silently, in the direction of Tafta Tower. Her one and only home.

The End

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