The Hunt

Through the daylight hours the trio moved swiftly, from time to time Mune or Juliexus would carry Mexorii, as she was ill-used to such constant effort. She certainly considered herself a sprinter as oppose to a long distance athlete, if she indeed considered herself an athlete at all. 

Karmine shifted slowly through space, giant black swarms closed in around it, forming around the horizon like a ring around the centaur settlement. As the three renegades moved away from the settlement they neared the edge of this huge wall of black cloud, soon they would have to make a plan, decide what they were to do about Herothi. 

"Mexorii, how much do you know about the shadowlands?" Mune asked her, not turning to face her with her question. 

"Errm, Mune, isn't it?" Mexorii wasn't entirely sure which one was which as of yet, after all the action she had forgotten to confirm "Hey, just call me Mexii, it's easier. I don't really know much at all, I woke up one day in a town, battered and bleeding, I don't remember much else, other than that I was immediately told to leave or they would kill me. Pleasant really."

"Oh, so have you ever met another shadow?"

"Not that I recall..." Mexii shrugged.

Juliexus stopped mid stride to turn and glare back horrified at the sight behind her, Mune stopped not a second later, staring at the same oncoming threat. 

The floor shook, a stampede of feet trudged across the sparse land that they had travelled. Hundreds of Centaur bolted towards them, spears and bows in hand. 

"Oh dear, not again" Mexii sighed.

The End

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