The Trinity

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Meroxii demanded to be set free.

She had been placed under constant watch by two guards, who refused to even acknowledge her. Every time she banged her fists against the bars, she was ignored. Every time she cursed, screamed and pleaded to be let loose, she was ignored.

Despite her innocence, she was ignored. Nobody believed that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

From the stairwell, she heard footsteps, and voices. They seemed to belong to females, and judging by the distinguishable huskiness to the hushed tones, they were centaurs. Pity. It would have been nice to hope for an escape route.

As the two figures descended the stairs, she smiled slyly as Meroxii recognised that faces, and they recognised her. It was Mune and Juliexus.

Despite they're lack of real support, they were the only two people who she had a chance of convincing of her innocence.

However, they seemed to be here to visit her, and so she smiled and nodded at them, in an attempt to at least befriend them.

'Guards, we wish to talk to your captive,' Mune said. She seemed to be the one who took charge.

The guards looked at each other, then shook their heads and went round the corner.

Juliexus and Mune suddenly grew very serious.

Juliexus sopke in a hushed tone. 'We're here to free you.'

'What? Why?!' Meroxii shouted, not realising how loud she was. Mune and Juliexus instantly shushed her, then continued.

'We want to strike a deal. I spoke to Father Aron, and he spoke of a Shadow like yourself - a Shadow who could help us.'

'What are you talking about?' Meroxii was curious, and if it meant her freedom, she was listening intently.

Mune continued. 'The Prophecy speaks of three. Three who can banish Herothi to the Underworld for good. No more escapes, no more danger. He'll be gone forever. We will break you out, providing you give us your word to help us. We are the Trinity - the team that the Prophecy spoke of. We are this world's only chance of escape from Herothi's clutches.'

Meroxii admitted that she knew little to nothing about Herothi's return, but this information alone spurred her to live out her destiny. If she was part of the Trinity, a hero that the Prophecy had spoken of, she was in.

'Okay,' Meroxii said. 'Get me out.'

The End

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