Cycle Of Shadows

Through the dark clearing, the white crystalline trees were smeared with soot, the ground was burnt and smoldering in several areas. Small embers flickered and swayed in the evening. Some trees twisted in bizarre directions, as if the cloud that had passed over had rained acid down upon them. A dark hand travelled softly across the trunk of one of the crystalline trees, wiping away the murky smut that smothered the bark.

Mexorii wasn't dissimilar to other teenage girls in that she was overly self-conscious and always pretending to be less vain than she actually was. She was a biped, with all her limbs and if you could see her well enough, she actually had quite attractive features but despite all this, Mexorii was lonely and harassed most of her life. Mexorii appeared to look like a shadow. She was organic, and she could move like any human, only she was black from her toes to the top of her head, jet black. Her eyes, her face, her hair. 

Mexorii was used to being alone, she didn't know where she had come from, and nobody ever seemed to want to talk to her, no matter how hard she had tried. People of all types had called her names and bullied her, spitting on here, beating her. Despite all this, Mexorii remained resilient and continued to try and meet new people and friends. 

Her hand swiped along the crystalline branches, clearing the shiny surface of smudged ash essence. Her face appeared in the reflection. She sighed and continued to walk on up the hill.

The burning forest syphoned voices through it, screams of agony, pain and suffering. Mexorii was for the most part quite oblivious to the outside world, her mind focussed on a world pertaining to a dreamland of her own where she had made friends and lived happily and content with them. 

The noises knocked her out of this lack of concentration. She listened intently, it sounded as if something horrible had happened. Mexorii ran quickly towards the top of the hill, but before she reached the top a large centaur raced to the peak and looked down on her, his body forming a silhouette against the rising flames behind him, he looked truly menacing. 

"Everyone, I've found one of them, a Shadow!" he bellowed, his voice hoarse and dark.

Mexorii stumbled backwards, tumbling slightly down the hill. As she stopped she looked up to see a gathering of more Centaurs, approaching her quickly.

"Oh my" she gasped.


The End

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