Juliexus' Task

Sarios gasped as he witnessed the fire burn through everything he held dear. Above him, the clouds were darkening, and it was clear that the centaurs had finally been found. The sickness was claiming them.

The wind picked up rapidly, and as Sarios looked back, watching fire consume everything, he heard some others scream.

'Sarios?! What do we do?!'

It was Fardour, his good friend, and a long time ally of his father.

'We flee! Don't look back, just go!'

As the violent wind brushed Sarios' long brown hair in front of his face, he sighed, and new that the end was upon him, and his kind. He watched Fardour run into the distance, away from the sickness, and he was relieved to see that most of the other centaurs were doing the same.

He glanced over his shoulder, whipping his hair out of his face with one smooth motion from his neck. What he saw shocked him, and made him realise that there really was no justice in the world.

A young local centaur - Juliexus, her name was - was sprinting towards Sarios, but had failed to notice the deadly mixture of wind and fire that had damaged the beautiful tree behind her. With a might crack, it fell, landing directly on her fragile back, stamping her into the ground mercilessly. She cried out, and looked Sarios in the eyes. He looked away into the distance, where he knew he would be safe, but he could not leave this girl. He went back for her.

Fighting through the fire that quickly consumed the forest, Sarios dashed towards Juliexus, crying out that he was coming, and everything would be okay.

But as the smoke cleared in front of him, he saw not only the tree that was crushing her, but another far worse sight. A sinister creature that was known as the omen of death.

Herothi, the dark lord, stood behind the log, but was yet to notice either of the centaurs. Sarios grinded to a halt, and began to make his way slowly and silently towards Juliexus. The smoke covered him, and he was able to make it to her unnoticed. He easily used his mighty upper body to lift her free of the log, and as he held it above his head, Juliexus crawled free, as a blue orb of energy flew and hit Sarios in the chest. He flew back, dropping the log and slumping down. Juliexus screamed, but Sarios just looked at her calmly, nodded, and said 'Find Father Aron. Tell him that Herothi has come. It is time.'

Juliexus dropped a single tear from her eye, then galloped off to do as Sarios bidded. As she ran, never looking back, she heard one final scream from Sarios, then Herothi's distinct and painful laugh.


The End

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