Golden Dreams and Silver Linings

Karmine is a world just outside our solar system. But an evil threatens its golden plains. It is now up to the inhabitants of Karmine, great and small to bring the darkness to an end. To find their silver lining to the dark cloud.

Mune was a unicorn centaur. She had silver hair and tail and a pearl horn protruding from her head. As with all centaurs she had golden eyes and came from the Moonlight forest. She had heard of this shadow, taking over Karmine and coming from the Tafta tower. But she didn't believe it.

The moonlight forest. A sacred place for all centaurs. Blue light filtered through the trees lighting the small pools with an extra-terrestrial light. It was rumoured that if centaurs look into these pools they can see the future. The trees in this forest were made of white crystal, reflecting the blue light all around. The centaurs were gathered all around the forest. But not all centaurs lived there, although most were born there.

She trotted over to the prophet, "Preaching again father Aron?" Father Aron shook his mane. "It is true child, and it comes this way." Mune looked at him in disbelief. "First comes sickness..." He began but Mune interrupted. "Then fire, engulfing the wicked. Followed by death to anything left in its wake." She nodded. "I know." He looked at her a strange horrified glint in his eye. "The sickness, is already here and fire. She comes to." Mune turned. Following his gaze.

There she saw, a flicker of light on the horizon. Followed by the sounds of screaming and a thousand hooves pounding the ground. The shadow that covered the skies took many forms. The forms of dogs, snakes. Anything that the people feared and beneath that fire.Engulfing the leaves off the trees,boiling the pools and leaving destruction in its wake.

The centaurs ran, but one stayed. The prophet stood, his arms up in the air, as if barring its way. The look on his face was determined. Mune stopped, turned. "Father?" She murmered. "Father!" He turned looking at her he mimed "I love you." But no use, it tore through him. Her scream split through the roaring wind and flames as she galloped towards him, ignoring the shadow. But the shadow seemed satisfied and began to fade,blowing the fire out at the same time. Its laugh echoed in the wind.

Mune fell to her knees, her hooves tucked under her she hung her head. Taking the feathers and beads from her father's hair she braided them into her own. Tears streaming down her face. "Not just a father to the herd, but to me aswell." For the rest of the day she stayed, her arms clutching his cold figure to her. He had taken her in when nobody else would. The herd stopped, turning to see what had happened gasps of horror could be heard. The shadow was real, now. Now she believed.

The End

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