Chapter Three

King Otto let out a sigh when he saw Terry riding with Percival. He had hoped to avoid this situation. No such luck, apparently.

Terry jumped off the horse with a bright smile on his face and practically ran to greet his father.

"Father! I ran into Percy here and he told me about the message you sent and I figured that mine was lost so I-"

He was cut off by the voice of his other brother, Lionel, laughing.

"Really, Terrance. You should know by know that Fath-"

Lionel was cut off by a glare from the king. Otto turned to face his youngest son.

"Terrence, I-"

Terry was hiding the hurt from his face, forcing himself to keep the smile.

"You never sent a message, did you, Father? That's alright. I-I wanted to come to the castle anyways."

He then pushed past his family aside and walked calmly into the castle. He was a prince, he would not cry.

The End

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