Chapter Two

Prince Terrance, or Terry as he liked to be called, would not have gotten the message if he hadn't run into his brother.

He could tell that Percival was trying to avoid him. He didn't even look in his little brother's way, just kept his head held high and facing forward.

"Percy!" Terry called. "Oh, Percy! Where are you going?"

Percival sighed. "Terrance, you know I do not like to be called by that name. It is not princely."


"But if you must know." Percival kept talking over his younger brother. "I have gotten a mess save from father. He wants me to go home because his golden apples have bed stolen once again."

Terry's eyes went wide. "Oh no!" Why hadn't he gotten a message as well? He probably had, it had just been lost along the way. That seemed to happen a lot to his messages…

"May I come with you?" Terry asked his brother. "I'm sure my message is on it's way and just hasn't arrived yet."

Percival held back a sigh as he finally looked down at his brother. "Very well. You may join my party."

Terry grinned and pulled his horse in beside his brother's, and they set off again.

The End

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