Chapter One

Every year, King Otto's prized Golden Apples are stolen. This is the adventure of his son Terrance, who is sent off to find them.

"They're gone!"

King Otto couldn't believe his ears. He rushed outside, panic building in his chest, desperately hoping that it was some kind of joke. When he saw he tree, he stopped in his tracks.

They really were gone.

He walked up to the tree slowly. His beautiful golden apples had vanished for the fifth year in a row. Always the same set of circumstance, always the same day and the same time. It was frustrating, having his most prized possessions stolen from under his nose.

Each year saw more security around the conservatory where the tree resided, yet each year, without fail, the apples were stolen without a sign of entry.

But enough was enough. He was going to find the thief.

He stormed back into the castle, his anger replacing the panic he had felt moments before.

"James!" King Otto roared, the royalty in his voice evident. "Send for my sons."

"Yes, my king." James row lied with a bow. He scurried out of the room.

King Otto slumped in his throne and rubbed his temple. His wife, Queen Esmerelda, can up and rubbed his shoulder.

"Again?" She asked softly.

Otto nodded. "How does this keep happening?"

Esmerelda shook her head. "I don't know." She kissed the too of his head.

Otto closed his eyes. He would figure this out, one way or another.

The End

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