Going up

Um..No clue what to write!

I stood on the table. My white button down shirt was traded in for a black top, my kaka skirt was now red. I looked awesome, and that's just what we wanted.

Logan's mom stood in front of me, and smiled.

"I can't believe this is the same little Emmie. God, Loagon, why did you won't this for your little bands look!" She laughed at her own joke, her and my mom came up with the photo shoot idea.

"It will help you get noticed! Come on, don't you won't to get famous." We did won't to, but if I'd known I'd be in this, I would have never agreed to it! I mean, I think Mom had more fun with the costume!

"Ok, Em, lay down, and kick your feet. Good, now Loagon, hand her that mike! Awesome." The bright bulb flashed, than again, and again. "Beautiful Emmie! Now, lets the boys done, and we'll get that gothic scene done!"

We where a Minnie Paramore. Well, not really. It's just Loagon, Gavin, and me. They both played instruments, me, well. I sing! I really wanted to play Guitar, but Loagon already played it. So, some how the boys and the moms roped me into singing. So, now I'm a singer. Not a really one, we'll not famouse yet. Yet.


The End

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