Going Underground

Set in a slightly dystopian world, a young woman has to cope with being 'killed' by her older sister and being constantly on the run because she's been connected to an underground movement trying to topple the government

I got picked up off the street for being out past curfew. Not really a problem, since it happens all the time. The police gave up punishing people for it, but they still pick them up and send them home. But I should have known something was different this time. When they walked me into the station to do the paperwork before taking me home, Ginny was already there waiting.

Ginny is my sister, and she is a pretty important person in the government, so she's allowed to be out after curfew. She doesn't usually take time out of her day for me, much less her night, so this was a little strange. But she's my sister so I just thought she had finally acknowledged me.

The two officers that had picked me up left me sitting on a bench in their office while they went and talked to Ginny. I studiously ignored them, and her. I had been on my way to an underground nightclub to meet someone when I had been picked up, and I was a little unhappy that I got caught. I sneak out every night, but I get caught only every so often when I get sloppy.

I heard shouting and looked through the glass office walls and saw Ginny shouting at the officers and waving her hands around. She pointed at me a couple times, and each time the police glanced my way. I looked away, embarrassed. I can handle myself with the police, I really didn't need Ginny picking fights for me. She probably had more important things to do than yell at police. It would probably get her in trouble, and would be all over the news tomorrow. They would probably show the video clip, too.

I felt tired. The late night I'd had yesterday must have finally caught up with me, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I glanced up through the glass to see if Ginny was finished yelling yet so that I could get home. To my surprise Ginny and the two officers were watching me, unreadable expressions on their faces. I frowned, then waved shyly. The three's expressions didn't change, and nervousness crept into my exhausted head. I stood and walked to the door to peek out and ask what was going on, but when I tried the handle it wouldn't turn.

I glared at the dull brass handle and twisted it again. Still nothing. I turned around and began searching the room for something that could open the door; a key or something. As I searched the closest desktop I noticed a glass of water sitting on the corner. It wouldn't have been worth my attention except there was a bright pink tablet already half dissolved bubbling on the bottom. It wasn't anything I could identify so I sniffed the glass cautiously.

Immediately my throat clenched painfully and I found it hard to breath. I began to panic as I realized what was happening; Ginny had come by the station to make sure I wouldn't leave again and the police were complying. She had probably been yelling at them for not catching me earlier.

I glanced out the windows and caught the grin Ginny was throwing at me. I glared back at her and dumped the water and the vile pink tablet out onto the floor. I searched the desk frantically, looking in all the doors I could yank open, while my breathing became harder and I struggled to keep my eyes open.

There was no key, so I tried to find something to shatter the windows. It was a long shot, since the police probably used really thick glass, but anything was worth a try. If I didn't get out quick, the poisoned air would get harder to breathe and I would eventually collapse.

It happened sooner than I thought. As I searched in one of the filing cabinets it felt like all the air in the room was being sucked out. I clutched at my throat, trying to breathe what wasn't there, and stared out the windows. Ginny was grinning wider and one of the officers had a control pad he was fiddling with. They probably had sucked all my air out.

My vision dimmed and I dropped to my knees. Thoughts raced through my head as I realized my death was upon me. I wondered who would take care of my cat, wished I'd had time to read Overminder's Helios like Roxy had suggested, wondered if Shawn would miss me. I was supposed to be meeting him at the club. Would he worry when I didn't show up?

I collapsed backwards, landing on my shoulder. It was a ironic to me that the last thing I would see was my club bracelet wrapped around my wrist. It was my way to get into the underground night club, which was why I had gone out in the first place. I stared at it and realized vaguely that it was flashing a bright blue; flash, flash, flash. It became hot against my skin, and with my last strength I tried to shake it off.

As my hand hit the hard tile floor again, my heart stopped.

The End

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