Going Through

Walking down the road, you notice how far you have come, it feels good, but it doesn’t its like u have just destroyed the most precious thing in the world, for the good. It sucks but u feel good about it, u feel free of every moral bond on earth, and u can’t get enough of it.

But well then here I am, feeling good, but it doest last any longer, the thirst takes over and you are back again with the endless pain.

Even after I have inflicted my pain on others, it doesn’t lose its gnawing nature of resurrection. Back again on square one, it isn’t the same place anymore, but the sense of losing myself lingers again and again, reminding me of place here, I am trying to make a mark on the sand that washes away by the tide, I will never be where I want myself to be, but I keep trying…………..

The End

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