Going into Darkness Chpt 1 Pt 1

Elizabeth Drake, Is thrown into the throws of the vampire world. Will Darkness become her like her mother? will she find answers to why her mother killed people? Will she be a powerful High Council leader? Elizabeth comes back to New York City after 25 years and the shadows are still in the darkness. Will she be forgiven for the death of Alexander?

Centuries ago before the land was filled with technology there was a high Archie of humans and vampires, the humans regarded them in the sense of the devil they believed that we have no souls at the beginning of our life and that we live for hatred and the downfall of humans which was farther from the truth humans had no idea that we had been living among them almost like humans ourselves but there were a select few vampires who hunted and killed humans they were the outcasts of our world as time went on and more humans and vampires died the strongest vampires made The Council of Luna i solntse they were the elite the oldest and strongest, My father Althrope Volkov was the leader of this council in New York City he was feared and cold his reign began the start of a war between many more creatures than the humans thought not only did he kill monstrous vampires that betrayed the honor and code but he killed the unknown factions of supernatural.

During the time that my father Althrope Volkov was the council leader, I was being born to Anastasia Drake a seventeen year old girl who had fallen madly in love with a clergy named John Thatcher not only did Anastasia feel unprepared and ashamed but she had a constant feeling of dread like it was looming it’s cloud of soar upon her.

On August 2nd 1810, Elizabeth Constance Drake was born at eleven forty-four P.M Anastasia named her after her mother and grandmother the feelings of love and admiration for her daughter flooded her with a sense of strength that she could go on despite the circumstances of being a unwed mother, John Thatcher visited Elizabeth on August 3rd 1810 that day he made the decision that ultimately would be his demise he would never know that he wouldn’t live to be twenty years old or to see his daughter grow up. August 5th 1810, Anastasia Drake married John Thatcher in a chapel In the heart of new York city her family and friends attended the joyous event you would never have known that Anastasia was fighting internal demons. August 15th 1810, Anastasia Thatcher began having nightmares that she was killing innocent victims at night slashing their throats and drinking their blood and it shinning in the moonlight in puddles. This distressed her greatly no matter how much she went to confession or church she always felt that cloud looming.


August 21st 1810, Anastasia Thatcher killed her first human on the way from night mass at church she ripped and shredded through the woman’s dress there was nothing left but a tattered bloodied woman. August 23rd 1810, the police came to question Anastasia about the events of the 21st they asked if she saw anything or heard anything that night with shock and sorrowfulness for the girl Anastasia simply said no she knew anything of the sort. August 25th 1810, She killed again but this time it was different, Anastasia stalked her prey a petite blonde woman with blue eyes and a confident step the woman carried herself with grace with every step she took the woman was not afraid of the dark or what lay beneath the shadows Anastasia envied her fortitude and because of that she must die when the opportunity to attack arrived the petite woman turned around with a fire in her eyes that Anastasia had never seen. “You do not want to kill me, I can help you for you do not have to hurt anyone” Anastasia did not know how to respond but in shock to herself she did “I do have to kill you, Your blood it smells so sweet” and with those words Anastasia stabbed the blonde in the heart she remembers the woman’s last words like daggers in her own heart “Althrope will come for you, For that I am sorry. I am sorry that I could not save you sooner”

September 1st 1810, Anastasia Thatcher holds Elizabeth Drake for the last time today. September 2nd 1810, Anastasia Thatcher is coming back from night mass, The moonlight shines and in the southern wind she senses anger and despair and in a instant her world spins and the ground beneath her falls she can’t move or breathe the sensation is strong but Anastasia knows she can be stronger as she pulls herself from the deep she sees a shadow, in the back of her mind all she can see is those pale blue eyes, Dying yet there was so much sorrow in her eyes for Anastasia not herself. Then a voice came from the shadow it piercing through the night like death itself, “Malo mori quam foedari” the shadow stops at her feet and looks at her Anastasia is shocked his eyes are as green as the emerald isle but the eyes show more than anger and despair they show sorrow like the blonde “Death rather than dishonor is what it means, You killed my wife Katherine and you broke the code of vampires. So now I will have to kill you and everything you love” the first thought that flashed to Anastasia was her sweet green eyed daughter what had she done! Would god ever forgive her for the sin of killing her daughter’s innocence would she be destined for a life of damnation? the overwhelming sensation of pain and fear for her daughter gave her the strength of a hundred men she pulled herself from the ground and towered the shadow her thoughts did not feel like her own anymore her body felt strange but powerful the way she walked was almost barbaric the Shadow moved fast towards her but she moved faster, stronger and with power that she had never felt before she ran so fast that the buildings looked like blurs in the night. She arrived at her destination where her husband and daughter are sleeping soundly not knowing that she would die before nights end.


The shadow pummeled her to the ground with such force that it took her breathe away, she felt her bones crack under his strength which caused her to let out a roar that she never thought would come out of her, Would she walk away from this? Could she? As she was looking up at the nights sky in that one moment she felt human inside she felt the emotions that came like waves sorrow ,happiness ,anger and fear above anything else fear that her soul has blackened that she has given herself to darkness. When did this happen? Why did it happen? Those are the thoughts that flooded her mind and then she saw it a dim light in the house. “You will kill them if you approach, Do you want that? Die with the only honor you will have” the shadow spoke again and this time she saw him, There was such desperation and pleading in his eyes. She didn’t understand, why would she hurt her family? The first instinct that came to mind was to call for John and she did you could hear the pain in her voice but in her heart all that was felt was hunger she could hear Johns footsteps coming down the stairs and could smell the cut that he got from working and then that was it. All he had to do was walk out the door all John had to do was come to his wife so she could feed on him so she could kill him to save herself she did not do it out of love but out of desperation of not wanting to die and now she knew why the shadow looked at her that way because he had seen this before because he knew that she was a monster inside and that there was no stopping the process of damnation that Anastasias life was over before it had ever truly began Anastasia was seventeen years old and nobody had told her that darkness will always win. When John saw her his eyes became wild with fear and confusion as to what is happening “John I am sorry, you will die tonight. For your death will be my awakening and my awakening my death”  with that she stabbed him in the heart with her hand the beats of his heart paced with fear “Anastacia may god have mercy on your soul, may he replenish and may you repent” and with that John Thatcher ceased to exist his life no longer mattered anymore.

Then she felt it the burning pain in her body the feeling of dread came back to her all over again, was she born to die? Had god known that she was going to kill john? The last face she would ever see would be the shadow during those last moments he held her like she had never killed anyone he held her and told her that “Darkness you will become, The wind you will be” she didn’t understand what he meant but maybe one day she would but she knew one thing and that was that she had done one good thing in her life and that was Elizabeth. Her last words to him were “I hope she flourishes in the love of all good”

September 3rd 1810, In the early morning when the stars still shinning and the moon still out Althrope Volkov brought Elizabeth Drake to the police station he carried her in his wool coat not knowing what impact she would have on his life yet hoping that the light shines upon her heart and that she may never have to know of the monsters in the shadows.


The End

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