Going Home

The main character Brian is going back home after ten years.

It was on the plane when I thought, whoa maybe this is a bad idea.

I mean I hadn’t been there since my last day of high school when I flipped and told everyone I hated them and left my hometown for good.

What if Jack, my best friend, remembered exactly what I’d said to him, describing the many ways in which I supposedly detested him? When I look back on it now I realise Jack was pretty great, he was only trying to help me. I haven’t spoken to him or anyone else in my hometown, including my parents, since then. So when the pilot announced we were about to land I started to freak out. But when I caught a glimpse out the airplane’s window and saw the pale, crisp, white snow I knew I wouldn’t go back to sunny L.A straight away.

          After the plane landed and I’d got my luggage, I sat in my rental car contemplating again, if I was making the right decision. There was a voice in my head telling me this was a bad idea, but there was another one, reminding me about how much I missed not being home. So that was how I found myself speeding down the highway at 100miles an hour, with my music blaring.

          My family live in a small town called Ellsworth, about an hour outside ofMinneapolis. Its pretty old, modern times haven’t exactly reached it yet, but my parents always loved it. They loved the fact that everybody knew everybody, and they were no skyscrapers or vandalism. I was reminded of all of this as I soon as I turned down the main street. It was bustling as usual, and I was surprised that it looked the exact same as it had ten years ago. All the same business were open, although I noticed Ray’s pizzas where I used to hang out, was closed. My family’s house was right opposite the army base. My dad joined the army when he was sixteen, he always looked down on me because I didn’t, but my two older brothers did. I turned into the driveway and sat for a moment and stared at the white two storey house, I had grown up in. All my life I had hated being here. I always swore that once I finished high school I would leave for L.A and never come back. Guess I lived up to part of that. I got out of the car and slowly walked over to the front door, the snow crunching under my feet. Before I knocked, I put my ear to the door and listened. Hmm, sounded like they were celebrating something. I knocked on the door, and immediately my heart began to beat so fast I thought it was going to explode.

          I could see someone come towards the door, through the frosted glass, my mother. She opened the door, and said nothing.

          “Eh, hi mum, I mean mother.” I smiled.

Her eyes started to glaze over and then all of a sudden she was a heap on the floor.

The End

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