Going HomeMature

This is the story of a man who continues to beat all odds in order to find his own place in the world. Through countless obstacles and mistakes this man continues his journey to find life, love, and happiness all while searching for a place to call home.

                 Life on "the streets" is not as bad as some people make it out to be.  I have no authoritative shadows looming over me.  The laws I so devoutly follow and obey are but my own.  I live as free as any man can but that does not grant me immunity from the problems of the world.  Am I effected by the rise and fall of Wall Street?  Maybe not, but I share a bed with human nature.  I kiss the stars goodnight and dine with royalty.  My royalty, not yours.  I have come to hold dear those things that have been forgotten by others.   I do not hold myself in higher regard than the rest of humanity.  I am humanity.  What follows are the annals of my quest to find a place in the world. Not my place, nor a place to live, but a purpose unbeknownst to myself.  How, do you ask will I know when I have found it?  Simple.  When I rest.

The End

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