3. Tour

Marina has been ignoring me for the better part of the tour.

Jodi, on the other hand, was listening to me and giving me all her attention.

"So, er, this is the cafeteria. It's where you eat." I've never done a tour before.

"Luke!" Marina whined. It's the first thing she's ever said after her little outburst. "I'm starving."

I look at Marina then at Jodi. "Jodi, are you hungry?"

Jodi wrinkles her nose. "Not really. I'll just accompany you guys inside." As soon as she says this, Marina stalks past me and pushes the cafeteria doors wide open. Jodi and I stare at her as she walks. She lines up with the other people and crosses her arms. 

I look at Jodi. "Sorry you had to see that. It's been a long day for her." 

Jodi smiles one of her brilliant smiles and I think I melt on the spot. I mentally slap myself for thinking about that. My girlfriend is here for crying out loud.

I follow Marina into the line and buy our food. "Marina, we have to wait for Jodi." I point to Jodi who is talking with the lunch lady. 

"Ever since she came along, you've all but forgotten me!" She accuses.

"It's called being nice Marina. I remember when you were new here."

"Hmmph. Here comes the she witch now."

I'd have liked to point out to Marina that there were no such things as witches and if there were, Jodi wasn't one but I was distracted by what was one her lunch tray. There were two cheeseburgers, three slices of pizza, a plate of fries, and a can of soda.

Was she seriously trying to kill herself? 

"Wow," Marina sneered. "You don't look hungry at all."

I don't know whether Jodi heard Marina or saw the glare I shot at her but Jodi didn't care at all. She sauntered over to us and came to a halt. She almost spilled her fries. "Is he your friend?" She points behind her.

Kyle is waving like crazy. His arms are flailing and he is smiling wide. I look at Marina and she shrugs her shoulders. "What are you doing?"

"We're giving the new girl a tour." I say. 

"Ahh yes, well what's a tour without seeing the main attraction?" Kyle held out his hand. "Kyle Tescano. Ladies man. Smartest nerd here and coolest person in this school."

Jodi laughs and shakes his hand. Kyle swells up with pride. "Finally! Someone who gets my sense of humor! Sit down next to me pretty lady."

Jodi sits down and looks at him. "Can I just point out that you said someone finally got your sense of humor? Then your introduction must be a joke."

I burst out laughing at Kyle's expression. His eyes are wide and his jaw dropped. Kyle smiles playfully. "Well played."


We chat until the bell rings and I turn to Jodi. "What's your next class?"

Jodi doesn't even look at her schedule. "P.E"

Beside me, Marina groans. "Great. I have P.E too."

"You can take her there." Kyle says.

Marina smiles a bit. "Sure." 

As she continues to smile at Kyle, I have the urge to yell at her. I just can't believe that she just smiled at Kyle while she's mad at me for just giving Jodi a tour.

As if she can read my mind, Marina looks at me and leans to kiss my cheek. "See you later Luke." She looks at Jodi and they both stand up.

"See you later Marina. Have a good class Jodi." I tell to both girls and wave.

When they're gone, Kyle is smiling widely at me. "What?"



The End

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