2. Met

I took my seat and watched as the other students filed in. I kept hoping that Marina would pass by so I could talk to her but no such luck. I let my anger get in the way and now she’s mad at me too. We were an impossible couple.

I tried to think of why I started dating Marina in the first place. There were other girls prettier than her but they over react way worse than Marina does. Come to think of it, I only dated Marina because my mother liked her. How could I say no to my mother? I’d do anything she asked even at my own expense.

I felt strangely guilty. I never thought of Marina like this, full of hate and anger. May this was just an off day. I keep staring at the door for no apparent reason.  I felt something tugging at me. Forcing me to look. 

As I was pondering this, I heard Mr. David calling the class to order. “Okay, settle down. Hey! Julius, I think you’ve made you point, no pun intended son, settle down everyone!” He called. I was really sorry for Mr. David. He was the most favored teacher in school because he was a pushover. We could do anything and all he would do was watch.

Mr. David sighed and continued anyway, “We have a new student. Her name is Jodi.” He says pointing to the door. “Jodi? Come on, they won’t bite you.” He promised.

Suddenly a small and lithe figure emerged from the doorway and everyone stopped what they were doing. Jodi was the most beautiful girl we’ve ever seen. Mr. David looked smug and happy that the class finally settled down.

Jodi had skin almost as pale as snow; her hair was a contrast because it was brown like chocolate.  It was choppy and uneven but so long that it dropped until her shoulder blades. Her eyes looked like they were three different colors, shifting from blue to green and brown. Her mouth looked so red and vibrant that I had a sudden urge to kiss her. I pushed the thought aside, I was dating Marina.

“Hello.” Jodi says. Her voice! It sounded like angels singing. Okay, I guess I am over reacting but still, I found that I would listen to whatever she said. I wonder what her laugh sounds like…. “I’m Jodi Mason.”

Everybody watched her in admiration, the air was buzzing with it. “Yes, well.” Mr. David cleared his throat, making us look at him. “Here’s your book Jodi, you can sit wherever you want.” Mr. David says as he begins to erase the writings on the board.

I heard shuffling as many boys moved their things in hopes that she would sit next to them. Good luck. I thought. No one here in this class was decent enough to sit beside her, myself included.

When I made that conclusion, I heard a chair squeak as it was move. It was too close to me. Too close.

That’s when I smelled Jodi’s shampoo, it was minty and strong. That I first thought it was perfume. Perfume couldn’t smell like that.

“I’m Jodi Mason. Who are you?.” I hear her say. I turn around to see who she’s talking to and find her eyes trained on me.  

“I’m Luke Mellark.” I say. I could see her eyes widen in alarm. She turns away and I can’t help but feel what a major idiot I am. She looks back at me and smiles. My heart starts thumping wildly in my chest and I hope that she can’t hear it.

It looks like she does and she smiles wider.

“Nice to meet you, Luke.” She says before going back to the lesson.


Class ends with the knowledge that I didn't learn anything Mr. David said because I kept looking at Jodi. I watched her as her body curved whenever she raises her hand to answer a question.

I was fixing my bag when I heard the familiar voice again. “Would you give me a tour around the school?”

Jodi is sitting in her chair watching me. “You could ask anyone outside, they’d say yes to you.” I say curtly.

She laughs and I almost drop my book. “Yes, but I feel safe when I’m with you. At least, we’re on speaking terms. I haven’t met anyone besides you today.” She explains.

I don’t answer, maybe she’ll think I’m not interested and find somebody else. “Please Luke?”  My heart stops and I sigh. “Ok. Would you mind it if my girlfriend tags along?” I ask her. Her face drops and I could see disappointed marring with her need to spend time with me. “Not at all.” She smiled half-heartedly.

I couldn’t help but feel I made the biggest mistake of my life.

The End

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