1. Happy Birthday

I woke up gasping.

The sun was shining and I was feeling fine. The dream was a setback to this perfect day. I was very excited. I found my mother cooking in the kitchen. She was making pancakes. When she turns around, she smiles and set the food on the table. “Eat up.”

I sit down and take a bite. I’m so hungry. I wonder why.

“Luke,” my mother says as she sets down another batch of pancakes. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks mom.”

Today was my birthday and I was feeling really great. I would see my girlfriend, Marina and best friend, Kyle. They were the best people anyone could ever ask for.

“Luke? Shouldn’t you be getting to school?” I check the clock and stand up to kiss my mother on the cheek. She looks at me firmly and watches me run out the door.

The day seemed like it knew it was my birthday and tried to make it as perfect as possible.

I got to school and found Marina and Kyle sitting on a bench waiting for me. “Luke!” Marina says, rushing into my arms. Kyle pats me on my back. “Happy birthday!” Marina squeals.

This was one thing I didn’t like about Marina, she was too loud. 

Marina hands me a small box, “Here, it’s for you.” She says as I open it. “I gave one to Kyle too. So could match.” She holds up her wrist and I get a good look at it. It was a baller with the words TOGETHER written on it. Marina’s was pink and Kyle’s was green. When I lifted mine out of the box, I noticed it was blue.

“Marina,” I say “You shouldn’t have.” I tried to feign gratitude when in fact, I hated it. It seemed wrong. I would’ve worn it if it was only for me and her but Kyle? She had to give one to Kyle? The thought rubbed off of me in a very unpleasant way.

Kyle pats me on the back and gives me a rueful smile. He was my best friend, he knew me better than I did. “Happy birthday bro, what are your plans tonight?” He asks.

“I’m going to eat, sleep, wake up then sleep again.” I say jokingly. He laughs and I catch Marina frowning at us.

“Well,” Marina says, “The bell just rang and I don’t want to be late for class.” She says pulling my hand as she stalks off. Kyle walks away from us to get t his own class.

Marina shoves me hard and I’m surprised by her strength. I stand my ground. “What’s wrong Marina?”

She fixes me with a hard stare and sighs, “You hate my gift!” She hisses. “Why do I keep trying?” She asks me as tears fell down her cheeks. This was another thing I didn’t like about Marina, she over reacted. She cries easily.

“Hey,” I pull her into my arms. “I am grateful. You’re the best girl friend a guy could ever have.” I kiss her on the cheek and pull her along. She doesn’t fight back. She’s over her little scene and she’s happy. I can feel that.

“I dreamt about you.”

I stop. “You did?”

The corners of her lips were tugging up into a smile. “I did. Are you going to ask me what about?” She says expectantly.

No. I thought but then again, this is Marina, the girl who cried over little things like having a loose thread in her shirt. “What about?”

Marina falls silent and looks away. “You wouldn’t want to know.” She whispered.

“Yes, yes I do.” I say, tugging her chin so she would look at me. She does and I can see it in her eyes the guilt that shouldn’t have been there.

“We’ll take about this after class.” I say pulling away from her. I can hear her calling out my name but I don’t answer. I just head to my class grateful we don’t take it together.

The End

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