God has finally cleaned up the Earth but he's sent a demi-god to finnish his work.

i can't remember what it was like. The only thing i do remember is the fear of if i would survive or not or even worse, but i don't need to tell you about that , but now im in a state of limbo between heven and hell. the thing i miss the most is my drink vodka, rum ...scotch. I miss my family to i like to think that thier in a better place, well, to be honest any were is better than here. I'd love to see a tree. Not those shriveld black things, a tree you know green leaves, brown bark. thinking about it is the only thing that keeps me alive.


I walk though the wastes the sun is raising on the horizon at least I think it is the dust makes every thing mush harder to see past the inner atmosphere. The last time I saw the sky was bright red with fire and rage as if saying we brunt this upon ourselves that this is our reword for corrupting this planet that we were so kindly given.  

The End

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