Gods Nirvana - Introduction to the future

“Christopher your such a little gremlin!” Mary yelled running up the sand dune.  She started laughing hysterically and this caused her to fall over.

            “I may be a gremlin to you, but to me you’re a dragon with sinful eyes and scales here there and everywhere!” Christopher said as he too scrambled up the sand hill and plopped himself down beside her. Marry sat for a moment awaiting a comeback, than she smiled her perfectly white grin and said

“Oh dear Christopher, If I were the dragon in which you speak of I would have allready used my tail to whip you off your feet!” she emphasized the words used, whip and feet. Christopher just laughed again

“Or maybe you would have suffocated me with your agonizingly putrid breath!” he was laughing so hard by this time for Mary to get any word in, so she just sat there beside the laughing buffoon and waited for him to stop, which he eventually did. 

Soon they were quiet, they just sat there on that strangely large hill and looked out over their village. Mary sighed and laid down on her back and than Christopher did the same. They both stared up at the plastic roof of their world they were probably both thinking the same thing, ‘I wonder what it looks like outside of this dome’… they often dreamed the same things as well.

“Do you think the ancients speak the truth of why we are here… I mean, does it seem logical that god would punish us to the point of wich we could no longer live in the sun… or face death?” Mary asked puzzled. She herself had never seen the sun and had lived under the florescent electrical lights all her life.

“Why else would we imprison ourselves here?” Christopher said feeling slightly puzzled just like Mary.  Mary just sighed and said

“ I honestly don’t know…” but at that moment the lights above them started to dim and in the distance they could see the village gathering around the fire circle for mass.

“Come on Mary, lets talk no more of this and we will go hear the elders speak to us of our past as told by god!” Christopher offered his hand to help Mary up and she didn’t take it. Instead she got up on her own and started down the hill leaving Christopher at the top bewildered, but only for a moment.


“And with that God sent us a message telling us that we had but a month to right the wrongs we had caused or we would face his wrath, like fools we decided that we were stronger than god and we built this shelter.  Only few got to come and stay in it, the smart the strong and the rich.  At one point it was filled with technology but after god came through on his promise we understood that our technology was a sin and all we could keep were the lights that create day.  But even the lights were a sin to god so he stole away from us our ability to procreate a large amount of children, and now, each generation becomes smaller and smaller. And each generation only lives to become twenty. Except for few, like me, we are the elders. Enriched with god’s story he laid upon our heads. To re-tell to you every night so as to never forget it, for our memory is what keeps this from ever happening again.” He finished his long prattle and sat down. But with his seating another elder stood.


“It is time, the spring has come and the season does suggest that it is time to procreate. Tomorrow we will marry those in the first group according to age, because you are a year older you only have a few years left to procreate. Thus, your group is first. The festival de marriage starts tomorrow, I will see you first thing in the morning, good night… and sweet dreams.” With this the village people were dismissed to return to their homes.

Mary sighed; she was to return to the girl’s barracks in which she shared with twelve other UN-wed girls. They all ranged in age from nine to fourteen; Mary herself was thirteen. Mary knew one of the girls that was to be wed tomorrow so she decided to go have a talk with her. After all, once a woman was wed she was no longer allowed to speak to others or to have friends, their life was to be devoted to their husband because... so was the will of god.


“Christine, you are to be married to Thomas tomorrow? Is that correct?” Mary asked walking up beside the girl as she entered the girl’s barracks. Christine just nodded and kept walking she looked very pale. “Well isn’t that good, you no longer have to share barracks with a bunch of young snoring girls! ” but Christine just continued walking not making a sound. Naturally Mary felt provoked to continue asking questions. They ended up sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed in a part of the barracks that was not used.

             “I am sorry Mary, I could not speak to you in there. It’s just what I might say I do not wish anyone to hear!” she said speaking in her soft whisper. Marry nodded and said

             “I understand” but in truth she did not. Christine stared at Mary with eyes that were refraining from tearing. Than she managed to splutter out in the same quiet whisper

             “I am not yet able to procreate, my body cannot! I am too young!, I have never… I cannot marry Thomas tomorrow, for he will surely find out!” Mary gasped quietly she too started to panic. They both did not know what happens in this situation because to their knowledge it had never happened before. Mary tried to remain calm and she just said in a re-assuring voice

“We will figure this all out in the morning, just sleep now,” and with that Mary got up and found her bed leaving Christine alone to cry herself to sleep. Tomorrow would be a big day.


Mary was walking through a field, but it was not desert like the ones around home… there was green grass and flowers everywhere, these were things Mary had never seen. She bent down to pick one, but it turned to sand in her fingers and the grass turned to sand as well. Mary began to cry as she looked up, but she stopped when she saw the beautiful forest all around her. There were trees and rivers and animals and things she had only ever seen in her dreams… but these seemed real.             Mary began to walk around the forest and push the branches out of her way to see what was coming in all directions. But when Mary looked behind her all she saw was the forest slowly shrinking into sand. Mary started running from the fast approaching wall of extinguishing sand.  Mary stumbled into a river that dried up and caved in as she walked across it. She screamed and ran faster, crying more and more with every step.  She came to the edge of a cliff and when she turned around all she saw was the sand coming and there being less and less paradise every second. She looked down the edge where there was more forest hundreds of feet down. She turned her gaze to the wave of destruction creeping up behind her and than she jumped.


            She didn’t feel herself hit the ground though, it was as if she had slept through her landing for when her eyes came to focus she saw dirt all around her and than… bones. It was horrible, where was she. She looked past the ground and found herself staring at a tree, there was someone standing on the other side it seemed. Mary crept silently over to the other side of the tree and gasped. Hanging there from the branch on the tree was a woman… a girl… Christine. 

Mary felt the ground give way underneath her and she cried for help and this time, felt herself hit the bottom of a hole and her muscles and bones become so stunned they seized up in pain from the shock.  Mary cried out, she was suffering, god was punishing her. But than she looked up and there stood a woman, a beautiful woman with long flowing brown hair, hazel eyes and freckles. She wore a brown smock like the ones girls were to wear at night in the barracks, but it was dirty ripped and torn. The woman looked somewhat pleased at the sight of Mary and Mary didn’t mind the woman’s presence either. The woman outstretched her arm and in the most soft loving tone imaginable said

“Lets escape this place and never look back” but before Mary could ask where they were leaving from, she was staring up at Christine’s live body above her soaking her forehead with a wet cloth looking disgruntled.

“Where… where was I? Who was she? That woman that was here!” Mary said leaping up and realizing all the girls from the barrack were all crowded around her in her looking worried. But everyone just looked from one another and shrugged “You must have seen her! She was beautiful… she… was one of us! She wanted to help us… to take us someplace!” but this just made the girls even more confused.

“You were sleeping Mary, and talking… than you jumped off the top bunk of your bed and started screaming at me when I came to help you… you… you fainted! It was all a horrible nightmare I think, I think that you are okay and we should all go to bed now… okay?” Christine said worried that Mary might do something irrational. Mary just wiped the sweat from her forehead and climbed back into her bed and fell asleep within seconds.

The End

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