Gods' Greater Luminary

The mansion was dark, cold and dank, as usual. I wandered through all the rooms, one by one, It would take most of the night to do them all, longer if you decided to go over the history too.

My favorite was the "Purple Room" it had dark rich tones of purple, tapestries of purple and lavender, the carpet was hand made and dark figures had been stitched in. There was one figure of a thin girl sitting under a tree, the branches spread around her like a big umbrella. She lay back with her neck and chin exposed, her hair trailing on the earth beneath her. One of her hands extended outside the circle of shade.

That was the figure I loved the most, all the rest were in castles, mansions but she was in light. Even her skin looked different, I compared mine with hers..it was night and day. Her skin glowed light tan, it went well with the pale hair, she was beautiful. I looked down at my hand, the skin was so white it almost looked translucent. My hair was as dark as one of the candless rooms in the mansion. I was told I was beautiful, I didn't really know, I'd never seen myself.

The more I stared at the girl, the tree, the light, the more I longed to be there. But I was watched, constantly..I had tried to leave the mansion one day and was promptly locked in my room. I was locked there for a long time, I had books, and my liquid was sent to me but, my craving was for the "Purple Room". I had to get out, I had to..

It wasn't really a plan, it was logic, the house went to sleep at the same time, and that was when I decided to make my escape. Gathering up my shawl and a couple of my books, I planned to be back by the time the household awakened.

As quietly as I could, I crept down the corridors, finally arriving at the big double doors. I had to push hard with all my strength, but I did it.

The air changed, it smelled..sweet..there were sounds, buzzings, chirpings, whistles, soft steps, whooshing. I stood still for a moment taking it all in.

Wrapping my shawl around my shoulders I tucked my books under my arm and headed for the largest tree I could find.

I sat there reading one of my books..wrapped in the shawl and then I saw it.. it was like a finger, it reached up and everything around it took light. Then another and another, the sky was blazing... the fingers reached out to the tree and it was surrounded by the blaze. I had to feel it.. it was inviting.. I moved from the circle of shade into the light..

It was warm, so warm, I looked up and threw my head back, the big ball of light came up higher and higher..I left the circle and moved into the light..It felt so good... I dropped my shawl and danced around in the light..

It took a moment for me to realize what I smelled was smoke..the smoke coming from me..I tingled, I burned, I smoldered, I blazed, I smiled as the big ball, Gods' Greater Luminary, the Sun, welcomed me into it's arms.


It had been hard explaining to the little ones why they couldn't go out in the day, even though they had read the Vampires survival guide to them, the example of Sireena, sad though it was, gave them a visual, an understanding, no manual ever could..

The End

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