Gods And Monsters Chapter 2: BetrayalMature

They had made it out of the forest and saw dark smoke coming from the distance. "Where is that coming from?" The blonde had tears filling in her eyes as she ran in the direction of the smoke. The brunette put two and two together and took her sword out while following her in suit. The Palace was in view and there was an all out attack.

Hundreds of soldiers were charging into the gate. Brittania could hear the screams of the people inside. She had taken out her bow and started shooting arrows at the men outside of the gates as she was running. Each one more precise than the first. Valdis noticed the girls eyes becoming an icy blue and knew she needed to get into the gates as soon as possible. It had started to hail. Brittania spun around and used her bow to to whip a man in the face. It broke on contact and he went down. She ran into the gates after Valdis as a huge wave came from the ground and turned to ice acting as a wall to keep anyone else from coming.

The blonde was shocked as she had not known of that ability. "We must move quickly. It will not stand a chance once Crispus arrives." Valdis nodded and started taking out the people on the outside of the large palace as Brittania ran inside.

Valdis noticed that the hail was sharp long knife shapes that were coming from the sky. Not a single one hit her, she guessed she had Brittania to thank for that. A man that was charging at her suffered from one of the pieces impaling his skull. She came to where a large cage was and there was a tall, lean man fighting off some soldiers next to it. He was greatly outnumbered so she rushed over to help.

The inside of the palace looked worse than the outside, it was being over run and her men were dwindling down to nothing. She saw a man holding a young girl to the ground, Brittania took out one of her knives and threw it at the mans temple. She motioned for the girl to follow as they made their way up the stairs to her mothers thrown.

Valdis and the man stood there, surrounded by dead soldiers. The man looked at her. "Who are you?"


"I am Marcus." They looked at each other in mutual respect when they heard more footsteps coming their way. The turned to see a small army coming at them. Archers took there positions at a long distance. The hail had stopped which had the brunette worried that something might have happened to Brittania. Marcus and Valdis held their swords with a tight grip. She heard a cracking sound. As she turned to look behind her, she saw that the lock on the cage door was starting to freeze as it broke and hit the wet dirt with a splash. It opened and a large lion came walking out slowly and looked at the brunette. She was about to attack the animal, but it focused its attention on the army ahead and charged at them. She looked at Marcus and he just smiled as they charged after the large animal.

Brittania was fighting her way to where Julius and her mother were battling. With every swing, came another death. The room was covered with blood. She made it to where the steps were as Julius pushed Caelius to the ground, she looked at Brittania and held her hand out. She was stopped in her tracks. She was forced in the air and the sword came crashing to the ground. Brittania knew that her abilities would not effect this girl. She was an Bachi. She could bring pain just by speaking. "Tiktiktiktiktik. Wouldn't want little old mommy getting hurt would we." She said with an evil smirk.

"Why are you doing this Julius! We are family!" She said, trying to get out of the forced grip.

"Do you not realize? There is a new power coming to this weak place. Saytana will have complete control. We will be unstoppable." She said while studying the girl. "You will join us one day my old friend."

"I will never become one of you!” She screamed out, the force on her throat growing tighter. “You pathetic little swine!" She spit out with the little bit of air she had.

"You are a feisty one. Always have been. I just might want you all to myself." She said. Caelius came running at her but was stopped in her tracks by a sword being pushed into her mid section.

"Mother!" Brittania tried screaming, but it was choppy.

Julius smiled and looked at the younger girl. "Pain." She muttered and it felt as if she could feel a sharp pain in her side. Like a knife was being twisted every time she tried to breathe, yet nothing was there. She saw as her mother crumbled to the ground. Blood slowly soaking her long white dress.

Valdis ran through the doors and saw Brittania hovering in the air. She started running towards her, but was stopped by enemies. Julius saw both Marcus and Valdis. "I will hunt you down when this is over." She said as she walked away. When she was out of sight, Brittania fell to the ground and immedietley crawled to her mother. The lion came running at her and stood there as her protector.


"Brittania, I am truly sorry. You must leave." She was interrupted by a fit of coughs as drops of blood shot out of her mouth. "Start an army, take down Saytana. For our land, for our family."

"I will."

She handed the blonde a rolled up piece of paper. "I... I lo..." The women s eyes fluttered shut as she let out her last breath. Marcus and Valdis ran to the blondes side.

Marcus put his hand on the girls shoulder. She gently put her down and got up to face the two. "We must go." She said.

"No. We must take out every man invading. We swore to protect this place. It is our home." Marcus said disappointed.

"It is not home anymore. We must leave now." She walked to the back wall and pushed it as it opened. With a whistle, the lion charged into the tunnel. "Valdis, you will take the lead."

"I am not going in there. I am going to stand and fight."

"We stay, we die! We are greatly outnumbered and stand no chance against our enemy. She is to powerful. If we die now, there is no hope for this place." She looked at the door and heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Valdis noticed Brittania's eyes turning icy blue.

"Shit." As soon as the word escaped her lips she was knocked down by a wave and was being carried through the tunnel. She could hear Marcus shouting. As mad as she was, she had to admit, this was kind of fun. That is, until she saw a light at the end and heard something that sounded like a waterfall. "Brittania!" was all she could shout as she free fell out of the tunnel and into a large lake.

Briitania took one last look at her mother, then at the men entering the room. She saw Saytana come in behind them, followed by who were once friends. Their eyes met, and Saytana gave an evil smirk. Brittania grabbed the little girl she saved earlier and made her way into the tunnel as it shut. Ice covered the closed wall. They ran until they got to the end. She wrapped the girl in her arms and jumped after telling her to hold her breathe.

She came emerging out of the water, still with the girl in a tight grip and handed her to Marcus. "What made you think it would be a good idea to do that?" Valdis said getting in the blondes personal space. She was silent for a moment. "Brittania!" Still silent. The blonde walked past her to a distance and put her hands on her hips.

"We must keep moving. There is an empty plot of land next to a river just East of here. That will have to do. There is a small village I know that we can trust. They have weapons."

Valdis cracked her neck and bit the inside of her cheek to keep from saying something and just followed her.

They got to the village and it was empty. "Where are the people?" Valdis asked.

"There aren't any, that is why I can trust it." Brittania said while pushing a wooden door open to reveal a variety of weapons.

"Why can we not stay here?" Marcus asked.

"It is out in the open and not safe. The river is not far from here." Brittania armed herself with a metal bow and extra arrows.

They made it to the river and started making camp. Marcus started making barriers as Valdis checked the perimeter. She had made it back to the camp and noticed Brittania taking off her shirt in her tent through the crack. She could see the curve of her breast. She had scars that went down her back and her left hip. The blonde had made eye contact and rolled her eyes. Valdis tried to move but her feet wouldn't move. Than before she knew it, she's soaked to the bone by a wave and the blonde has a big grin on her face as she zipped the tent closed. Valdis spit some water out and went to start her tent as she cursed inwardly.

Brittania was standing by the river as Marcus joined her. “Is the fire lite?” She asked.

Yes. Brittania, what are we going to do? We have no army. This place will not be safe for long.”

I know Marcus, but it is safe for now, and that is the best that I can do.” She looked around. “It will be night soon, I need you to go to our old alliances and anyone you know that we can trust. We must build a community here. I give Saytana a few days before she sends people after us. Do you think you can do this simple task?”

Yes.” They stood in silence and starred out to the sunset. “It's beautiful.” He said.

Truly magnificent.”

I'm sorry.”

What for?”

Your mother, our people.”

It is fine, it will just fuel the fire for us to be victorious. Now go get your gear. It will be a long night.” He nodded and walked back to the camp. “A very, very long night.”

Valdis had trouble looking away from the blonde sitting by the fire. She was desperate to make conversation to break the awkwardness. “So, how long do you think Marcus will be gone?”

Can't say. That is for him to decide who he goes too and how far they are located.”

You are acting very proper. Why?”

You act as if there is tension. Why?” The taller woman retorted with a slight smirk.


What for?”

You know what Brittania.”

No. I” sorry, I do not.”

Valdis rolled her eyes. “ I know you know, but can you blame me? You are a Goddess after all.”

The blonde smirked at this while taking her cooked fish away from the fire and cut it in half with her knife and handed it to the brunette. “You need to eat.”

I'm fine.”

I need you at your best, now eat.” The brunette sighed in defeat after remembering the unexpected shower she had earlier when she annoyed the blonde and took the fish. It was silent. Brittania finally stood up and stretched. She looked at the lion. Valdis watched in awe as she could tell that whatever the blonde was thinking, the beast could understand. It got up on all fours and started circling our small camp. “Time to get some sleep.” She said before walking to her tent.

Fine. But the kid is with you.” She said finishing her fish.

The blondes shoulders slumped forward. She couldn’t say it, but she looked in the little girls green eyes and thought ‘But I hate children.’ She sighed and motioned for the little girl to go in first.

The End

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