Gods And Monsters Chapter 1: Unlikely FriendshipsMature

She was born when the war had started. From the moment she could walk and hold a sword, she was training. It wasn't until she was thirteen when her and her mother, Caelius found out what her powers were. As the years went on, she was known as Brittania, the Goddess of water. It had taken her years to perfect it. At the age of eighteen, she was made the bodyguard of her mother and swore to protect the palace with the soldiers that would die for her. She had fought many wars and at the age of twen

She walked into the cage with raw meat in hand. She shut the door and as soon as the cold, metal door slammed shut, she heard a loud roar. She turned around and a large lion came running towards her. She held out the hand that did not have the meat in a haulting motion. The lion obeyed and stopped a foot away from her and sat down. "Good boy." She said as she went to pet him. She had found the animal as a baby that was left to die. She had been training him since. Her mother always feared that it would lose control, that it was a wild animal. She denied it and tried to explain to her that he has saved her life many times in battle, but she would not listen. She put the raw, bloody piece of meat in front of him as he waited for permission. She nodded as the animal tore into it.

"Brittania!" A soldier came running at her as she closed and locked the cage.

"What is it Marcus?"

Marcus had fought along her since day one, they were practically siblings. "The Queen wishes to speak with you."

"Marcus, do not think that you must talk to me like I am above you, we are equal. As is everyone else here."

"Sorry, it is a habit when being around the queen all day."

"I know, Try being raised by her."

They both smiled and quickly made their way to the palace doors and up the stairs. They walked through another set of doors and were met by the Queen of Cato Palace, Caelius. She was sitting on her thrown in a long white dress. Her long blonde hair, with a sreak if grey cascading over her shoulders. Brittania walked up the few steps there were, put her fist to her chest and bowed her head. "You called." she said while lifting her head up and brushing her short blonde hair behind her ear.

"We have a problem." Her voice was soft yet worried. "I sent both Crispus and Julius to spy on the Bacado village."

"Excuse me if I am wrong, but last I heard, the Bacado's were on our side."

"We have reasons to believe they are not who they seem."

"I do not understand."

"We have lost a lot of men in our last attack on Saytana. The only one's who knew about our plans were the soldiers that we have lost, and the small village of Bacado and you. So unless you are the rat."

"Of course not." Britannia retorted. "I am sorry to have inturupted."

"As I was saying, I sent them both and they have not come back."

"How long?"

"A few days. It shouldn't have taken them this long."

"What are you asking of me Caelius?"

"I need you to track them. You are the only one in here that knows the forest well."

"I will get my men ready."

"No." She ordered. "You will go alone."

Brittania looked confused, but had her back facing the queen. "Yes mother." She walked out and went to her room. She got dressed in in her black breeches and white tunic. The sleeves and bottom were ripped to give her better access in battle. She went to the large table in her room and put two knives in her boots, a sword in her belt and her bow and arrows. As she exited the palace, she was greeted by Marcus at the gate. "Hello."

"Are you sure that you are ready for this? It is getting dark and that's when the gliders come out."

"I can take care of myself."

"Keep hidden."

"I will. See you soon." He nodded and opened the gate for his friend. She made her way into the forrest. She walked up to a broken tree branch bent down to see a shoe print. It was heading North near the small village. They were too small to be Julius or Crispus. She looked around some more and noticed multiple footprints. This is from a small army. She heard a loud scream. She ran towards the noise and stopped at the ledge of a small hillside. She crouched down and watched as a few men were surrounding a female. She learned that the screaming was a man that lied there lifeless. This woman was not helpless. She decided to watch to see what she was capable of.

The elf to her left lifted his sword overhead and brought it down towards the shorter girl. She raised her curved sword over head to blocked it, pushing the man back as he lost his footing tripping over his fallen comrade. The dwarf behind her and in front attacked her at once, she moved out of the way with ease, as the two swords hit the dirt. She got down and side swept the first man and slit the other mans throat on her way up.

She walked over to the man she had just tripped and flipped her sword in her hand so the blade faces the man and brings it down on his chest. She felt the wind of something flying past her face and looked behind her as the first man that attacked her fell to the ground with an arrow sticking out from the side of his neck. She looked in the direction it had come from, but saw nothing. "Hello." A girls voice came from behind her. She turned around with her sword at the ready. She couldn't make much out of the person in front of her, other than the fact that she had her hands up. "I do not wish to harm you."

"Is that so?"

"I did just save your life. You should be thankful that I did not take yours." She said smiling.

"You speak with a sharp tongue. If you continue to talk like this, you might not have one at all."

"Is that so? And what makes you think you can harm me."

"Many a thing, but I would not spill pig blood tonight."

The girl just laughed and put her hands down and stepped a little closer.

The brunette was confused by the action. "I am not looking for a battle." She said, gripping her weapon tightly.

"What is your name?"


"Ahhh, you are the last of the warriors of Delisees. I am sorry about your family, they were very brave."

"I do not require your pity, neither do they. Allow them to rest where they laid."

"I am not giving you pity." She looked around and felt a sudden gust of wind.

"What is it?"

"Shhh." She looked around. Her eyes turned an icy blue as she turned to face the warrior. "Gliders!" As soon as the word left her mouth, a large creature came swooping down with its mouth wide open and it's razor like teeth making contact with the blonde's arm. Another one flew down and knocked Valdis into the air. She hit a large tree and fell to the ground. As she looked up, she saw at least five gliders in the air and a small army headed their way. She had never faced a glider. She got up and ducked under one of the creatures trying to grab her and took a swing at it's claw as it screeched in pain. It's eyes turning an even darker shade of red. She had charged at the small army.

Brittania had grabbed a hold of her bow and aimed it at an oncoming glider. She took a deep breath and let go of the arrow. It flew through the air and impaled it's eye as it fell to the ground motionless. She threw her bow to the dirt and took out her two knives as another glider came her way. She had jumped in the air, crossing the two blades and slicing its throat as she did a barrel roll to break her fall.

Valdis dug her sword into the mans stomach, the sound of gurgling was all she heard. She pulled it out and rolled over the mans hunched body to swing her sword at the next soldiers neck. His head went flying through the air and some blood covered her face. The men she was facing were strong, but had little to no technique.

Brittania had taken out the remaining Glider by throwing her knives and noticed three men coming her way. The first one brought his spear down. She moved to the left and kicked the wooden stick. It cracked on the mans hand. She pulled out her sword and hit him in the back. As he went down, one man swung his sword low. She jumped over it and as soon as she landed she ducked to dodge the second mans higher attack. The end up killing each other. Brittania had a huge grin on her face.

"Brittania." A man's voice calls out. "It has been a long time."

She turned around to see a familiar face. "Marius." Her icey blue eyes dimed. "It has." She was able to see the man clearly as the sun started to rise. He had brown curly hair and and a scar on his left cheek. "I see you have recovered from our last encounter." She said with a smug grin.

"Yes. Only this time, you will be the one who falls." He came charging at her as she stood at the ready. A loud clang came from their swords as they came together.

Valdis noticed that a second wave was coming. She looked around and saw the woman fighting an unfamiliar man. She had little time to think as the group of soldiers came after her. After taking a few out, her sword was knocked out of her hand as a man came charging with a spear. She moved her upper body as it went passed her and she grabbed it and lifted it up with force to hit under the mans chin. It made him fall back a bit but took out his sword after. Valdis was good with a sword, but even better with a spear.

Brittania kicked the mans midsection and he stumbled back. She went to take a swing and their swords come together again. "You are growing weak Marius." He pushed her off and elbowed her in the face.

"You can not win old friend."

Brittania's eyes went an icy blue and the wind became strong as she dropped her sword and held her arms out to the side. The man tried running at her, but was held back. The smell of rain filled the air as it started pouring down. The ground started to tremble and the trees were being broken in half. The sun was blocked by a huge wave coming their way. "Retreat!" The man shouted as everyone scurried away. With a flick of her hand, the wave came crashing down on the army. As it was about to hit Valdis, she used her other hand to stop the water. It was like an invisible force keeping it from the brunette. Brittania pushed her hands forward and the wave was forced in the direction of the few that got away. The dirt was wet and trees were destroyed around them. Brittania put her sword in place as she walked over to retrieve her bow and two knives. Valdis walked up to her she opened her mouth to speak, but was beat to the punch. "Are you alright?" The blonde asked while putting the bow over her shoulder. Her eyes slowly going back to the deep blue.

"You are a capable warrior. I apologize for the insults."

"There is no need for an apology."

"I suppose we will be parting ways now."

"That is not my decision to make. I am tracking down two of my soldiers to a small village. If you wish to join, I have no objection."

"An opportunity to gut people. Yes please." They made their way North. Valdis was trying to decide if this person was an enemy or not. "What was that sorcery you displayed in that battle? Are you some kind of sorcerer?"

The blonde couldn't help but laugh at that. "No, I am The Goddess of water."

The girl stopped. "Wait what?"

"It is one of my abilities, I was born with it."

"And your people, they are okay with this?"

"My mother wanted to disown me, until she thought about what use I could be with it. As the years went by, I learned to control it so she has been using me ever since."

"Do you have any other abilities."

"I'm full of surprises." She said as she started walking again.

They walked for a while longer. "What were those creatures?"

"Gliders?" The blonde asked. "Those are harmless really, they seem tough, but with practice, you learn their weaknesses. Almost their entire body is covered with armor."

"What parts aren't?"

"Eyes, and claws. Oh and be careful, they transform into their human form when they want to be known. That is when they are at their best."

"Why have I not seen one until now?"

"Because they are after me. Same with those soldiers."


"Saytana wants me as her slave."

"I know of that name. She killed my parents long ago."

Brittania touched the shorter girls shoulder for a second before releasing. Her little way of saying sorry.

"Who was the man. You called him Marius."

"He is the God of War. A very powerful man and Saytana's left hand man."

"What is this Saytana capable of?"

"She has control of all of the powers, except my own. That is why she wants to enslave me. There is one other. She is the goddess of fire. But she could just be a myth. "

"There's no way she can do that... Right?"

"She has already started. She's very powerful and unpredictable. I have only seen her once. Never come face to face. But I have lost many brothers and sisters because of her. I plan on getting them back."

"So if she has you, then the world will be hers?"

"Yes, since she can not steal my power, she will use me."

"How do I not know of these things you speak of."

"It is only in my world." She stopped. "If you are going to continue this journey with me, you must know the risks."

"I am the last of the warriors, I can not bare children. I fear nothing."

The blonde nodded and continued walking as Valdis caught up. They made it to the village and Brittania pushed the other girl to the ground. "You must stay here."

"No, I am going down there with you."

"No you are not. They do not know you. You are a danger to them. If something goes wrong, than I know you will be there if need be."

The brunette did not want to argue, she stayed there and watched over as the blonde made her way down the hill. She left her weapons with Valdis. As she entered the villagers bowed down. She always hated that. "Carry on." She said. A tall man came walking towards her with his arms up.

"Brittania, what an honor this is."

He wrapped her up in a hug. "Hello Felix."

"What brings you here?" He asks.

"Queen of Cato's."

"Ahh. How is she?"

"She is fine. I am here to ask you a few questions."

"By all means."

"Have Julius and Crispus come here."

"I have not seen them since their last visit with you nearly a year ago."

"Right." She looked around and noticed the villagers scrambling into their tents. She looked into the man's brown eyes and it dawned on her. "You are the rat, aren't you." It was more of statement than a question.

"I am sorry Brittania. We were left with no choice, Saytana is too powerful."

Instead of retreating, she stood her ground as Julius and Crispus step out of the shadows. She wouldn't let it show, but she was shocked to see the two girls that she had grown up with, whom she'd trained with, they were with the enemy. 'Can I trust no one?' She thought. She looked at the three of them. "So weak." She said.

"They will be here soon. I will give you a head start." Felix said. "But after that, we will not hesitate."

The blonde backed away slowly, knowing that there was no way to fight these three, even with Valdis by her side. She made her way up the hill and saw the brunette holding out her stuff. She took it, her face held no emotions. "How did it go?"

"We must go to Cato palace to warn my people."

"Warn them of what?"

"I have been betrayed." After she put her weapons in the proper places, she continued, "We can trust no one."

Valdis nodded her head as she followed the blonde to her home. She didn't know what to think of what was happening, but she knows that she must protect this girl by any means necessary. She feels obliged.

The End

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