Gods & Zombies

A tale of immortal gods from the ancient past coping with a modern day world plagued by a devastating zombie invasion.


The immortal former god, Zeus, has been living among mortals since his pantheon fell from religious supremacy during the ancient times in an event that they collectively refer to as "The Fall". Though he lost nearly all of his superhuman powers and has been separated from his family for over two thousand years, he has adapted over the centuries. In this current modern age, he lives under the mortal guise of Zander McAllister, a man who works as a US Marshal and lives out of a small town in western Colorado.

His relatively peaceful existence is thrown into chaos one day with the unexpected appearance not only of the walking undead, but members of his long lost family. As the living impaired creatures terrorize his home and threaten those he's grown to care about, YOU, the reader, decide what Zeus does in this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure styled novel.


Author Notes
(updated 4/26/2011)

Here it finally is.  This story was the subject of my 2010 National Novel Writing Month attempt.  Though I failed to reach 50k words, I did make it to around 43k by the end of the November last year.  All in all, it was a good attempt.

Will it make a successful story, though?

Only time and future chapters will tell.

The End

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