Gone are the days where the Gods walked among Men, when all that was good and golden shone throughout the lands and now the world stands upon the brink of destruction.
The fate of both Men and God rest upon the shoulders of an unsuspecting girl, the forbidden one. Only she can save her family above and on Earth, yet she knows nothing of herself. She is Aden, and by the laws of The Haven...she does not exist....


Her name was Aden; she didn’t know her surname, no one did. Her mother had left her on the doorstep of a stranger deep within the mountains with her name pinned to the blanket on a scrap of dirty paper and then vanished into the bitterly cold winter night; her sleeping daughter only two hours old. But it was no ordinary house that she had been left at; if it had been then this story would be far less interesting and would have probably never come to light. As fate would have it, this house was very significant; it was the home of a King.

Many years later she would question the circumstances of her birth and subsequent arrival within the privileged household, but as a child Aden was as normal as any little girl could hope to be with an entire family watching her every move. She had soft mahogany curls that tumbled over peach-blossom skin and large green eyes the colour of moss, her little white teeth making the loveliest smile one could ever hope to see. The King always had time for her smiles despite his busy schedule; just as the Queen was delighted at having a little girl to fuss over. They had one son, two years Aden’s senior, named Tyler; a commanding, serious boy with the weight of the world on his small shoulders even at the age of six. This is where our story begins. 

Tyler had been watching his little sister all day; it wasn’t an unusual pastime for him as he adored her completely. Aden always managed to get into trouble, although it was never anything that a cheeky grin couldn’t get her out of, but this time was different. Tyler could have sworn that she was doing something very odd; a slight glitter had caught his eye that morning as he played with her in the nursery but upon closer inspection he hadn’t found anything that would have caused a shine like that. So he had kept a watchful eye on her, another flicker appeared around noon, but only for the briefest of moments so he wasn’t sure if he had even seen it. As the day progressed there were more and more of these ‘anomalies’ happening. It was making Tyler very confused and, being the intelligent boy that he was, this frustrated him. He thought about asking the younger child but pushed that thought away; she was only four and wouldn’t understand what he meant. There was only one thing for it; his Mother always knew what to do.

The Queen stared at her young son in disbelief. The things that he was saying couldn’t possibly be true and for a moment she thought about calling for a Healer. Strange glitters? That was one thing but to claim that they were being made by his younger sister was extraordinary. Queen Auralia had only heard of this type of tale in storybooks; tales of dragons and magicians, witches and little folk. Then again, there was the other possibility, the interference of the…

She was shaken from her contemplation when Tyler suddenly nudged her and pointed furiously through the door where the Entrance Hall was clearly visible. Sat in the middle of the foyer was the one in question, her little form cross-legged on the white marble tiles with her back to the door. But that wasn’t what Tyler was pointing at. A golden glow was emanating from her chubby hands that she held above her head, illuminating her chestnut curls into a fiery halo. It seemed to be anchored beneath her skin, a pulsing light beginning deep within her, seeping out from her little fingers. What’s more, she didn’t seem to be scared, in fact she looked to be concentrating with all her might, her big, green eyes screwed up tight. 

She was doing it on purpose!

Tyler watched in fascination, his face lighting up with one of his rare smiles usually kept for his friends or horse. He felt as though he was going to explode, his chest strained with pride, his little sister was doing this all by herself! She was just a baby in his obviously superior six year old mind still, so for her to be able to do this struck him as a miracle, but his Mother did not have the same feelings. Her jewels clinked together in the tune of starlight as her body shook, she knew exactly what was happening, and she had seen it before. Why hadn’t she recognised the signs?! The beautiful face, the blatant innocence, the cutest little laugh…it was all so obvious now! The pieces were all coming together to paint a picture that was all too clear, a painting that revealed the true nature of the child’s early abandonment. But Queen Auralia promptly bit her lip to prevent herself from saying out loud what she knew. If anyone found out there would be uproar, if anyone found out, the little girl that she now considered her own would be in grave danger. So she vowed to shut up and never tell anyone. Only her husband and son would ever need to know the real reason why, for the years that followed, the little Princess was kept in a tower of the Castle by herself. No one was to know. The truth was concealed and everyone grew to forget the little girl, that special little girl that the world would grow to fear if they knew the truth.

The End

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