The day the letter arrived, Evie had been living in Tahiti for four months. She found University dull, and still lived at home with her parents. Hester remained stubborn in her argument that she would learn all she needed from the books she had bought with her.

Evie's parents were too busy to bother to contradict her, so Hester was left alone for hours on end to read and study. However, Hester had a wandering spirit and on her walks in the afternoons, she met a few natives.

After many weeks they became friends, and they taught Hester how to love the island, how to find life where you least expect it. She flourished in this enviroment, and felt happily settled.

One morning, the two sisters were sitting at the breakfast bar in silence. Hester prodded her mango thoughtfully with her spoon, watching the ceiling fan whirl around in a constant rotation.

Evie was sorting through the meagre drabs of mail that they had recieved that week. She had just opened one adressed to her and frozen, eyes darting back and forth across the page.

"What's up?" Hester asked. When she recieved no reply, she pushed herself up on the bar, straining her neck to glimpse the letter. "What does it say, Eve? Eve!"

She prodded her sister, and Evie jumped.

"Read it," she said, and her eyes were bright and hectic spots of red had risen to her cheeks. "Read it!"

Dear Miss Evie

It has come to our attention thanks to the informative letters from your parents that you are not fully happy with your applicated place at the University of French Polynesia. This is fully understandable, and we understand your unique situation.

Therefore, we would be delighted if you would accept our invitation to study a three year course of Mythology at the University of Hawaii. Accomadation will be provided, but unfortunatley it only houses two people.

Also, in consideration with the rules of this certain spot on campus, only young adults of University or school attending age may live here. We hope this does not inconvenience you in any way.

Hawaii seemed the most appropriate place to send you, thanks to it's relitavley close proximity to Tahiti, where you are currently abiding.

If you intend on coming, please use the plane tickets inclosed to fly to Hawaii, where we will be waiting for your arrival at the airport tomorrow evening. I am sorry for the short notice, but it is the best we could do.

Yours Sincerley,

The Board of Governers, IEAUTC
(International Education and University Transferels Commity)

The End

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