The sand was hot under Evie's fingers, and tiny grains stuck to her legs and shorts. Her nose peeled and eyes squinted through her huge sunglasses.

"Mum?" She called.

Her mother stood up from her crouch, and her knees sighed in relief. Brushing sand off her shirt, she padded over, barefoot. "What is it?"

"How's it all going?" Evie knew that this was what her mother wanted to hear, and sure enough, her aged face split into a smile that filled half her face.

"Amazing! You wouldn't believe how much footage Antonio managed to film today, I can't believe it. The shere variety of species is just, well," she passd a hand over her sweaty forehead and raised her eyebrows. "Amazing! What other word is there to describe it?"

It was clearly a rhetorical question, as she then padded back, barefoot, to her waiting husband and three crew.

Evie didn't like the crew. The two men were both extreme opposites. Antonio was a highly skilled Italian camera man with a spectacular black moustache that curled elegantly round his upper lip, almost as gracefully as the way his thin, lithe body twisted round rocks and hung of branches to film. 

Gordon, on the other hand, was huge and stocky with a loud, booming voice. He didn't seem the type of person who studied animals behaviour for a living, and Evie avoided him because of his disgusting beer breath and flatulance problem.

The third member of the crew was kneeling a little way back from th others, bent intently over a notebook, pen flying across the pages as her pen sprinted along trying to capture what was happening.

She didn't say much, but wrote an awful lot, and once Evie had mentioned it to her father. He had frowned. "Emily is probably the most talented young lady you'll ever meet. She's simply extroadanairy with the animals, you should see her at work!"

The sand was now reaching unbearable temperatures, and as tempting as the crystal clear sea looked, it was out of bounds for the whole afternoon whilst her documentary making parents filmed the fish.

The five of them were going out to sea in a while in a boat. Antonio and Evie's father would be diving, and her father hoped to capture some excellent shots.

Meanwhile, Evie, who had now dragged herself inside again and flopped in a chair, had to remain on Tahiti. She was planning to explore a little, but even by the little she'd seen of the local town, she knew it wouldn't take long.

I really am alone now, she realised. Left to my own devises.

The End

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